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It's all about one's perception. Science is not all in all an answer . Resistance, Capacitance and inductance in cables designed and structured are not the same from one design to another. If you cannot hear the difference, it's great since you will save a bunch of money. Be happy and enjoy what you have. If you can hear the difference , It's great for you since the holy grail is endless and your journey will be long and expensive.This question has been debated to death and it is endless and it leads to no where.Happy listening.

I think this is the most sensible of all the replies in this thread.
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There are no doubt different opinions regarding cables. Here are 2 interesting articles i recently read.

IMO, the first link is unbalanced from the first sentence "Every audiophile who has experimented with better power cables has heard the performance advantage they offer." Well I haven't, but I suppose in some circles I would be told I'm not Audiophile enough (read elite enough.) to hear a difference anyway.
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Just applied contact enhancer to my 200$cable...
Now it's worth 2000$
This hobby is sweet torment,
Aurallly n logically.
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So what determines a good copper cable metric ?

does the AWG makes any difference between 22 AWG and 26 AWG or does the strand also makes any difference between quad braid or 8x braided ?
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