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[Sony MDR-XB500] Vs. [JVC Victor HA-S500]

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Hi guys,


I am interested in a fun headset. I have an ATH-M20 for more accurate sound and for some amateur mixing purposes. 


What I want is a headset that I can EQ and sound great for electronic, like electronic house, and rap. I heard the Sony headset would be great for this. 


I read some good reviews for the Victor HA-S500 as well but I am worried that it will be lacking in bass. Remember, I want a fun headphone even if I need to EQ it. 


Would you recommend the MDR-XB500 or the HA-S500? Which do you think I'll like more?


Here's the prices I can find each headphone for after tax/shipping:



Sony MDR-XB500: $81.00 CAD


JVC Victor HA-S500: $57.16 CAD




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The HA-S500 can EQ very well and the bass can go to big levels if required and they can take a pasting volume wise. (needed really for the burn in). What is more, it sounds better than the Sony if/when you want a flatter sounding headphone, the Sony can't pull off that same trick. It only has the one trick. Only issue with the JVC is the burn in required. Once your past 50 hours they get much better.
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