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El Cheapo DACs

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I've come across a couple of brands while browsing on ebay. I think they're made in China. Anyone have any experience , or know anything about the brands Topping or Muse. They're priced at a point where I may just buy one out of curiosity.

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Be careful with some of those kits. Read the ebay small print. I got stung by several misunderstandings in those listings. One had no mains transformer. I was supposed to order that separately or supply my own. Another one came in kit form. So I had to assemble and solder it myself. One came without a case. But the last straw was one that came with a 110V power supply even though it was clearly advertised that the correct power supply would be sent out according to the local country mains voltage.

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OOh, that sounds pretty bad. Thanks for the headsup. Out of interest, which brands did you buy, and what was the sound quality from them?

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SMSL makes some okay stuff.  I bought their 1955+ DAC....but it developed a ringing problem.  Sent back for repair.  May be a fluke?  Overall sound was pretty good.  A little cold sounding....would sound better with a warmer set of cans.  I also have their sapIII desktop amp.  Pretty dam good after rolling a lm4562 opamp.

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Topping is pretty good and well regarded even for chinese made. Search around.

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I really liked the hifimediy usb sabre dac when I had it..   I see people on diyaudio mention enjoying the weiliang designed dacs too

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