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Just a Thank You!

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So basically I want to give a shout out to you guys to say thanks for pretty much just improving my life.  I'm an obsessive music snob (mostly drum & bass and purist dubstep) and I moved into an apartment several months ago with thin walls.  I had built up a pretty impressive stereo, but was unable to listen to it thanks to my neighbors and my weird work hours.  I ended up having to purchase high quality headphones but was never quite satisfied with any of them, even the DT-990s I originally bought when I did some research on here to fix the noise problem in my apartment.  Thanks to all of you guys I ended up buying some LCD-2s and a Burson Audio Soloist-SL and I was just thinking how nice it is to be able to come home at midnight and not disturb my neighbors or my girlfriend who are usually sleeping when I get home and enjoy insanely high quality sound and bass response.  The price tag was originally incredibly shocking to me but now they're just about my favorite possession and the price feels justified to me.

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If your wallet isn't rupturing, you haven't gone far enough.


I can see a Stax system in your future.................

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IMO, you win at this 'hobby' when you're finally happy. Easier said than done though...

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If your wallet isn't rupturing, you haven't gone far enough.


On a scale of untouched to rupturing, where does "well I couuuuld buy the 12 transistors I need for $1.44 each, but if I buy a thousand, I only have to pay $0.71 each!" lie?

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A healthy respect for those intrepid souls who have steered the industry into such a magical time. I'm a very happy camper with my headphone sound and by extension, music in general. Head Fi has opened up a new and aggressive market for my favorite hobby and I couldn't be happier. Introduction to hi end gear and a lifetime of music with new stuff daily has revived a stalled camper. The neighbors I've met excite me with like minded passion and a desire to get the most of their investments. The friendliness and gracious sharing of gear has been a true joy and I can't say enough about the trustworthiness of the gang.

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This is certainly a great site for advise but as a reminder, in the end, it's your opinion that's the most important. IMO, there are opinions here that are not really my cup of tea. Also, opinions are like belly buttons. What I mean is that every one has one and they are all unique.

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If you can find someone who has the same tastes as you in music, and

Who has the same opinion on particular equipment as you,,


You're in the ballpark, but it still doesn't mean you will share the same opinion on the fine details.


We all need to give each other room to breathe with our opinions.

Most of us like Head-Fi in spite of all the differing opinions and different ways of expressing ourselves.


Of course, YMMV.

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