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Remote for D-25S!

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I just won an auction on ebay for a Sony D-10 PCDP which includes a wireless remote control kit which according to the D-25s manual will work for it too. The D-10 looks like it might be a predecessor to the D-25 (and D-15), and uses the same battery (edit: the out-of-production BP-100 battery, not the D-25S's BP2EX battery is shared) and power supply. Unfortunately Sony no longer carries owner's manuals for the D-10, so I won't have any specs available for the player.

Now granted, wireless remote control for a PCDP (even a stationary one like the D-25S) is by no means necessary, but I think it is a pretty cool feature to have available.


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Id be fine with a wired stick remote like on MD's. Honestly...we are headphone listners who sit less than 3 feet away from the source...do we really need a wireless remote?
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I want a wired remote for my D-25S. Where can I get one?
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I've got a Sony D-113CR pcdp which I purchased in 1992. It has a wireless remote the size of a credit card. I just pulled it out of a drawer (haven't looked at it in ages) and this thing is in mint condition! I tried to find a photo on the web for a link, but no luck.

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Originally posted by Audio&Me
I want a wired remote for my D-25S. Where can I get one?
Sony doesn't sell them anymore, your best bet would be to keep an eye on ebay for either just the remote (RM-DM2), or another PCDP that includes the remote. I think I've seen one recently, but can't remember what auction it was for.

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sorry, meithkiller, the d-10 does not use the same battery as
the d-25 or the d-15. i got all 3 of them and the d-10 just has
the option the use the external bp-100, which seems to be
attached on the photo (it's a plate under the discman). mine
is dead as might be yours.
there is no internal battery slot - maybe it wasn't intended
for protable use in the first place.

the following discman (as far as i know) use the bp-2ex:
d-15, d-25(s), d-99, d-90. both the d-99 and d-90 have the
possibility to use normal mignon batteries with an adapter
which is/was included. you can see it on the picture here:

but the d-10 is a wonderful discman, sounds great, too.
congratulations !

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Thanks for clearing that up. I was assuming (always get in trouble when I do that) that since the D-25 manual said that it could use either the BP-2 or BP-100 battery, that it meant in the battery compartment. I then saw that on the Sony parts web site the original BP-2 battery had been replaced, I thought there was some relationship with the BP-100 again, but now I come to understand that they probably mean that the original BP-2 was replaced by the BP-2EX. Unfortunately Sony doesn't make the BP-100 anymore. I really wasn't planning on using the D-10 for portable use though, I have plenty oF others for that.

Do you know approximately when the three CD players you mentioned were originally released? I assume (there I go again) that the D-10 was first, followed by the D-15, then the D-25? (edit: never mind, I saw your other post which gives the timeline for some selected Sony PCDP's, thanks for the info)

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as far as i call recall it the bp-2 is a 4v-500mAh battery and the
bp-2ex is a 4v-600mAh battery. i guess this means longer battery
besides from that they're exactly the same.
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Wireless Remote


What are the model numbers of the remote and receiver you've shown in the picture above?

I've been searching for a wireless remote for a recently acquired D-25s, but I'm not getting very far. Perhaps you can answer a couple of questions?

Is the RM-D1K a remote, or a receiver, and what is the model number of it's compatible counterpart?

Is the RM-DM5K/RM-DM5 combo compatible with the D-25s?
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I haven't received it yet, but on the auction page the remote kit is listed as a RM-DM1K / RM-DM1 Remote Kit. The owners manual for the D-25S lists the "wireless remote control kit RM-DM1k" as one of the optional accessories. I'll let you know for sure when I get the D-10.

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Well, I finally got the D-10 yesterday. It came with the BP-100 battery pack, an AC-940 9V wall wart, and the RM-DM1K wireless remote control kit. Well, after charging the battery for 9-10 hours on the D-25S, I got a whopping 10 minutes of playback I guess that is actually pretty good for a lead-acid battery that is 15 years old. Oh well.

The D-10 itself is great. No provisions for battery power other than the dead battery pack that is out of production. Good powerful sound just like the D-25S. It is in surprisingly good shape for being almost 15 years old (mfd date of June 1987). One or two segments of one of the LCD digits weren't working, but after taking it apart and cleaning it out a little they work again. There is no backlight (not sure if there is supposed to be), but most of the features and controls and accessories are the same as the D-25S.

The remote control kit is pretty neat. It consists of a RM-DM1K receiver with an 1/8" stereo plug that goes in to the side of the D-25S/D-10, and an RM-DM1 full size remote control that has a keypad for direct track access, repeat and shuffle buttons, track skip and search buttons, and play, pause, and stop. Not the most practical thing for a portable, but I can think of a few situations where it could come in handy. Sony may have other similar remote kits that might work on the D-25S as well, if the forwards/backwards compatibility of their later remotes is any indication, as long as the connector/plug is the same (1/8" three-conductor headphone type plug/jack) most remote functions should be supported.

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Sony pcdp Remotes & what works w/d-25?

From Sony's Parts and accessory catelog:

Remotes available for PCDP's

DISCMAN Model Remote Unit Part Number Price

D-365 RM-DM25L 8-917-553-90 55.95
D-E554 RM-DM3 1-475-994-11 131.95
D-E880 1-418-608-11 93.95
D-E885 RM-DM32 1-475-995-11 87.95
D-EJ01 RM-CD01ELT 1-418-559-11 98.95
D-EJ815 RM-CD6 1-418-670-11 33.95

There is a BIG mess of RM-DM29's on ebay for sale. Will it or one of the avove work with the D-25.
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AFAIK, only the RM-DM1K wireless remote system, and the RM-DM2 wired remote will work on the D-25/S. I have the RM-DM1K, but have never seen the RM-DM2. Neither of these are available from Sony anymore.

From what I have seen, Sony PCDP's from 1985 to 1992 use an 1/8" three conductor plug for the remote control, while Sony PCDP's from about 1993 to present time use the same integrated plug for the remote control. The headphone jack has a second plug beside it for the remote. The early and late remotes are not interchangeable with eachother, but anything past '93 or '94 is interchangeable, but some functions may not work, such as the later LCD or digital volume with earlier models.

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Infrared Remote for D-25(S) and others?

The infrared remote pictured above is the RM-DM1K, which as noted is no longer available. However, thanks to the wonders of Sony parts ordering, you can get the two components seperately: (no manual... but no biggie, right?)

RM-DM1,REMOTE COMMANDER 146380811 $ 34.95

thought I would share the info, is very expensive, but for those REALLY interested, at least they are new...

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That's kinda strange that Sony sells the parts separately but not together as a package. I guess if someone wanted to save some money, they could just buy the receiver, and if they already had a universal remote, just get the correct codes and program them into the remote. Actually the cheapest way is to probably keep an eye on ebay. I've won two auctions for older Sony PCDP's with the remote kit now, and I guess a person could always resell the CD player and keep the remote. Probably would only be a net cost of $20-30 that way.

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