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Aubisque USB filter revisited.

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I started this earlier and the computer dumped.


So I will start again.


I took delivery of an Ultra Fi g 41 dac I purchased on audiogon.  I had Mr. Moore of Ultra Fi upgrade it to current spec with the Twin Regulator Mod.


This is where this all begin.  I of course need to be involved with my audio purchase on any number of levels both before and after I buy it.


The dac was a carefully considered, long researched and spontaneously done when I found what I was looking for on Audiogon.  It was the right product, with the right mystique. The price although a stretch was just within my range.


Once I had it the fun started.  That is what this is all about fun...enjoyment...escape and delight.   Cut all the crap...put away your pocket protector and let your ears dance.  If your system doesn't make you sing or dance why are you in it?


I gave up the pretense years ago of having to answer to anyone about what I heard or why.


I trust my ears...those are the test instruments of my experience... Objectivity yeah thats fine for getting in the ballpark but I want my hot dog soaked in mustard. While I'm listening to the roar of the crowd and jumping up I may spill my coke and stain my jeans. But, damn I was there when Trout spanked that ball out of the park and got them in the playoffs.   I heard and felt and EXPERIENCED IT. Measure that!


Emma Kirkby sang like an angel at the Ambassador auditorium where I sat sixth-row center.  Her husband accompanying on a beautifully tuned period lute.  John Dowland might never imagined this when he wrote this for the English theater. Measured on a spectrum analyzer her voice will resonate at close to 10k at times. Damn I heard that

live? How do you explain that feeling?


What is the sound of one hand clapping in the woods?  I have no frickin idea!


I trust my experience and I trust the experience of those who demonstrate a similar appreciation for and understanding of those things which I have appreciated. 


This is the common framework which I have learned tells me more than harmonic distortion figures,20hz-20khz, power handling, free air resonance of 15" woofer or why

even order harmonic distortion is more musical than odd. 


I remember buying an Akai cassestte deck cause it was cool and had a two level deck...and damn...20-23k response.  Then I heard a 30-18k Tandberg kick the crap out

of it musically.  But the measurements!


I've heard a 3W 2a3 on Lowther do far better bass than 200 Watts on a 18" JBL sugarscoop.  Measure that!


I put a Kimber KCAG in my wife's Onkyo system!  "Damn your nut's!". Righto mate, but I had an extra set and wanted to show her.  She has partial hearing in her right ear...and she heard the difference and wouldn't give it back to me even after our divorce.  Measure that!


Damn the formality!  Larry...(arrrgggghhh, you spoke of him in the familiar sense. "SChillllll!" Disregard, ignore, all that has been said must be lies) Moore informed me

about the Aubisque USB filter in an email responding to my inquiries about the upgrade to my dac.


That was where I started, after Larry texted me why I should get it.   I have yet to speak with him...but we have briefly corresponded.  His final suggestion before I purchased the Aubisque filter was that it was a no-brainer.



Listen to yourselves is this place about audio and fun and experience!


I have read Lizard Kings review and a few others suggested on Larry's site. I have read with interest, laughter, and some incredulity at the comments on this site. I have even commented to Larry!


The polemic flames of controversy!  Why are they fanned by some?  Why are fanboys

put to the torch?  Are opinions and ideas not for sharing?  Is objectivity more than subjectivity?  Gentleman lend me your ears...on second thought I will just use mine!


Is a manufacturer entitled to charge a reasonable price as he perceives it to be.  Who gets to decide? You the non customer who refuses to listen just because you aren't willing to try it?  No it isn't cheap but honestly the best audio stuff isn't.  Is that wrong?


This is a cottage industry and part of the game is what is a fair price and who sets it?


All I know is if you want support, customer service and a choice of product somebody

has to make a living at it and that doesn't mean their theives.  Accessories make money.  Hell where do you think I made my money at RC Willey.  Warranty and accessories.  Don't sell em... dont make a living.  Belly up...not a whole lot of profit

these days with all the internet and wholesale clubs.  You have to differentiate with

something that is really good and worth paying a bit more for.   Building Value they call it.  LARRY Moore gives you more.


Hell go kick the tires a bit...just quit kicking Larry until you have heard it.  The value isn't in the size of the filter it ain't even bout the digital noise issue far as I can tell. Yeah it makes the backgrounds blacker..if that means noise floor, yeah maybe!  PM me!



First of all I agree with the reviews of this product.  Frankly, the only bad things I have

heard about, except for one comment on audiogon, if from people who want to flame it.


I like controversial things.  It either does or it doesn'?  Black and white is simple!  Interestingly I think this forum cemented my purchase after I read the reviews.  Larry never made a fuss at all,  other than told me it would improve my digital.  He gives

you a trial and a money back guarantee. 


Truth is I have owned a number of controversialaudio accessories and even a particular loudspeaker that caused a heatwave on a particular Online Magazine site.  PM me if your interested!


I know your going "oh yeah, but there was that one comment!"  Ok he mentioned the filter didn't really work well with the cable he was using.  Fair enough.  Try it send it back...go on your merry way a little wiser.


Hell, my wife who knows better but still likes her Bose radio. 



"Burning down the house", excellent song but not the agenda that benefits this forum. 


Lizard King is obviously excited and I understand why...I am to!  PM me!


If anything Larry has understated this.  I can assure that the improvements are SURPRISING.   Hell, Larry could have buried a satchell full of them under a fairy mound

and let Oberon himself sprinkle the pixie dust on them.  Actually I have it on good authority the Keebler elves were slumming and Larry rescued them and they told him

about this out of gratitude...that is why its so damn small. LAUGH, CMON!  CRACK THAT FROWN!  WHY SO SERIOUS? 


Honestly!  Oh yeah my wife informs me that you only say that when your trying to be deceptive.  Cheers!  Yes you objectivistss have ferreted me out of hiding. I have an Ultra Fi tatoo branded on my but and a small shrine where I burn incense to Larry to ward off the ill smelling smoke of bad reviews.(hmm where are those anyway?)  I slink around gollum like in my dark digital caves trying to corrupt you with the unholy device that will bind our digital in analog chains.


Nooooooo!  I will not let you off the hook!  Share my precioussss, I willss share it. hehehe...PMsesss me.   Get it, try it...keep it you will! OOpps some one else snuck in the cave.  I'm forcing him out now!  If not sendsss it backesss, butsss you will loves the precioussss. "It's mine, it's all mine....nassssttttyyy jedisssses, get your own trial period."


Larry isn't getting mine back. Will I lend it?  Hell no, get your own.  I am not about

to listen without this in my system.


Where is Harvey, the Great Gizmo...damn he was fun I miss him.  Go back and read the writings of Harvey Rosenberg.  The man was a joy!  Hell Giz I would send you one

of these despite my meager earnings. Then even you might dance to the digital muse.


That's what audio is about.  Fun dammit, fun.  That is what the Aubisque filter is about, that is what it does. There I said it!


The best $200.00 I have ever spent! 


It lies it does!  Nasty Triodistsss, Nasty Subjectivistsss.  Kills them we will, yes my preciouss. 


Putting the Aubisque system is like putting your digital on a diet of Master tapes and triodes.  If you understand any of this then try it and you will be squealling with delight...ahh the preciousss...and it is. 


Support those elves...even with hostess out of business it aint so great.   Keebler ain't cuttin it no more and their aren't any rent subsidies left for tree dwellers with sequestration thing.


Too much fun...but more fun listening.


Oh yeah and better watch it Anthony I'm coming to steal Emma away from you so she can sing baroque opera to me tonight....muhaha!


Happy Listening



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I have read a lot of information about this product.  As a result I finally took the plunge.


I am excited to see if I get the same results as everyone else who has used this product thus far.

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Interesting product. Some discussion on Computer Audiophile


Just for giggles innards on iUSBPower and Aubisque from that thread.



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Much more fun reading this in Heath Ledger's Joker voice.

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Alright I can't speak for anyone else but I received this product on Monday and played quite a bit of music that I thought would make a difference.  Unfortunately I found this product not to improve the quality of sound for mp3, flac, or wav on any of the headphones I currently own.  I have submitted my request for return and am unsubscribing.


I have a Schiit Lyr with Bifrost Combo running with a silver USB cable

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Your prerogative certainly...that's why you have to try it. Everybodies has different expectations and not everything is synergistic. Kudos on trying it. You may want to consider the IUSB or short block....similar devices. A lot of info bout them on Computer Audiophile forum. Same price as Aubisque filter.
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Your post is insanely lengthy and unhelpful. I counted 16 rhetorical questions

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