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Older Sony Discmans

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So I hear a lot about how like the D-555 is really good.


Kind of out of my price range.


I used to have a DE301 when I was younger. How did that model compare? It seems to me that the big line for the discmans is when they started using the compression for the anti-skip instead of keeping the audio purely PCM. So it seems like the DE301 with 10 sec anti-skip might have been the last good disc man. 


Also looking at a D-125 right now. 2 batteries is kind of preferable for me. The sweet spot might be an older discman with 3 second anti-skip and some audio features of the older ones.


but any thoughts? 

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The D-555 and D-Z555 (D-Z555 is the European version) IMO is a overrated and over priced vintage PCDP. I currently own three of them, one of them is in mint condition comes complete with original box, papers, and all accessories. I had purchased this unit from a local electronics store back in 1988 and it still works flawlessly today. The other two D-555's that I own are in decent shape but doesn't have all of it's accessories or it's original box. So many have said the D-555 is the king of all PCPD or the best sounding but is not even close to being the best sounding nor is it the king of all PCDPs. Many have also claim that the D-555 is the rarest PCDP there is, but that's just not true because you can constantly and easily find it on Ebay going for some ridiculously high price (a sucker is born every minute). Don't believe the hype that the D-555 is garnered.


Sound wise the D-555 has a decent soundstage and level of detail, but certainly not the best I've heard out of a PCDP. It's lacks bass unless you turn on the megabass, and when you do turn it on the bass is loose and muddy. The sound also lacks a sense of depth. Adjusting the eq settings on the D-555 doesn't help it to sound any better as the eq settings are narrow. My D-E905, D-311, D-515, and D-303 sound so much better than and cost much less than my over hyped and over priced D-555. I'll admit that the D-555 is very cool looking as it is the only PCDP Sony built that has two lcd screens. Looks alone doesn't warrant the high prices (usually $400+ depending on the condition of the D-555 and it's completeness) and the hype that the D-555 gets. If I were to purchase a D-555 today, the most I'd pay would be $400 and that would be for one that is complete with original box, papers, all accessories, functions flawlessly, and is in excellent condition. Pay anything more than that for the D-555 is way too much for a PCDP that isn't even rare or the best sounding.

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Hah. okay. 


D555 wasn't ever on my radar screen anyways. Nostalgia moves to towards the D-171. I did win a D-121 recently for under $20, mostly because it has this cool DeLorean look to it. 

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