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The Soundmagic HP 100 is a very good sounding headphone. I have the V moda M80s and these basicly destroy the M80 on every front with the exception of the excellent lower mids of the M80 which is probably its best feature. The Soundmagics have a very linear bass but it goes down to 20hx easy whereas the V modas are very weak down there. The hp100 also have far better detail,soundstage, imaging and more sparkle in the treble. This is going against an accepted top player in its price range and the Soundmagic are simply superior. Ill admit the V moda do have betterupper bass impact but the hp 100 have incredible rumble of deep bass that literally shakes the cups, some claim they destroy beyers which have a rep for deep bass.
Finally, I understand that this type of question is asked alot and that one could do a search for an answer, but, in their defense, there are constantly headphones being released or pulled from production and its good to know whats out there at the time concerned or what may be released in the near future. For example, would the OP have known about the beyer cop if he had searched? Maybe, but its best to know whats out there now.