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Audeze LCD-2 Price Increase

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Recently I noticed that the price of the rosewood LCD-2 went up from $995 US to $1145 US. In Australia this was reflected as an increase from $1080 AUD to $1330 AUD.


This was a bit annoying but I thought 'oh well, I'll just get the bamboo, has less cracking problems and lighter too'.


I was just told by headphonic (headphones.com.au) that they have "recently been informed by Audeze that the bamboo LCD2 will be rising in price to match the rosewood version. Of course Headphonic could mean that just Australian prices will go up but I doubt that. So soon it will probably be $1145 in the US and $1330 in Australia.


I've now completely taken it off my wishlist, unless a really good quality used comes up in Aus. It's just a bit too much while still at uni. But yes, so if anybody was planning on getting them new, get them soon before the price changes :) 


EDIT: And now Headphonic have just emailed me with this "Just after posting that last email to you we received clarification that the bamboo LCD2 price will NOT be going up... as far as we know :) 

So good news.

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I noticed too, I was about to buy them (the rosewood version) in February but they were backordered. I thought I could wait a bit longer and get a better amp first but now I have to say no to the LCD2. I assume only a few prefer bamboo over rosewood hence the new price tag. Too bad really... 

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I've read somewhere about the price (materials, manufacturing cost) increase, i guess its relative. It happens on any headphone brand. 

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