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Color for new storage pouch

Poll Results: Which color is better for the pouch?

  • 9% (1)
    A. Coffee
  • 90% (10)
    B. Black
11 Total Votes  
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For better preservation, we provide a black dual-layer pouch for items E07, E17 and E12. But there are some problems lie in the pouch,
like easily get dirt and possibly to go mouldy under damp environment. Now our solution and plan is to design a new bag with waterproof
material which has two available colors for option—coffee brown and black, please give us suggestion with your preference,
thanks in advance.


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Black color looks better to me.
I have 2 other suggestions though:
1) please include a sturdy and low profile belt clip/strap, so that user can save pocket space (an amp plus an iPhone is already quite thick for pocket);
2) have 1-2 opennings at the bottom, so E17's AUX input would be accessible while E17 is in pouch.
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Will this fit an X3?
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Originally Posted by gopanthersgo1 View Post

Will this fit an X3?


not, X3 comes with a silicon case already.

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I actually like the brown color better.
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So hard to chooseeee! Both look nice! Okay! So here's what, my left eye says coffee color while my right eye say black color look nicer. XD lol, really, I have been looking at the pic for more than 2 min and still can't make up my mind... I think black... btw, nice material and design you got there for it! 

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