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Samsung phones have bad quality sound?

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I get a lot of audio interference with my samsung phones. For instance, my Galaxy S made strange crackling sounds when the touchscreen was used, my Epic was notorious for having a bad connection or solder and making the same crackling sounds randomly, and now my Samsung Continuum does the same thing when the grip sensor is touched (even when I turn it off). I touched the sides without audio, and it doesn't make any sound, but only does it when I have music on. I've also tried different media players, and they all have the same problem.


I have used Voodoo sound on all of them, and even disabled it, and still the same thing persists. Anyone else had a similar problem with touchscreen phones? 


If anyone solved it somehow, or have suggestions, please let me know! I tried covering it in everything (white out, plastic, cardboard, paper, rubber bands, tape, medical tape, etc) and it still makes the sound! 


My audio jack on the Epic is also bad, sounds tinny, so I assume a bad ground, but I scraped it with a screwdriver and it worked well for a while. I don't think its dirty as I cleaned it, but it still has some weird problems!

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I get great sound quality out of the Galaxy S 4g. I use voodoo too, not sure why you have this problem.

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Do you notice sound when you are using the touchscreen? It's a slight crackle. Only Samsung phones have this and bad audio jacks, I'm not sure why.

With the continuum, I have removed the grip sensors and now there is only sound artifacts coming from me using the touchscreen, not as much as the sensors but noticeable.
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I feel this strange sound change great to bad and it hink where software invloves then it gives multiple access to some play around.

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I have to admit that I have never noticed this with any of my Samsung phones..D900i>S5230 Star>GT-S8500 Wave> GT-i9000 Galaxy S>GT-i9250 Galaxy Nexus


If anything the Wave/GalaxyS/Nexus have been much better than any other portable source I have used.

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I hear it on all of them besides the S3. It's too bad, they're the only ones that support voodoo sound and I can hear crackling as soon as I do simple things like turning off the screen.

Oh well, no more Samsung phones for me. :/ I don't think it's software as my htc phones didn't have this problem.
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All the phones supported by voodoo sound are like four years old now, right? confused_face_2.gif No problem with my I9300.

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my note 2 never gave me any problem , and there is a lot of voodoo derivative kernels for the newer samsung phones , so just use the new one if anything


besides the two model you mentioned earlier were lower end models, they have more problem due to their manufacturing not beiing as good as the flagship and beyond models

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