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Going to make some Grado woodies

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Hi all.
Ive got a lovely modded set of Grado ms1-I and I'm looking in to making some woodies,I have a lovely lump
Of Zebrano.Enough for one set and I'm getting them turned by a friend .
If I can get enough turned and sold then I can buy a lathe and really get going with my ideas .
From looking on the forums woodies were around some time ago.
Has this all faded away now or is there still a demand.
I have some wonderful designs for woodies with brass inserts and ally as well.
I really would like just a little feed back.
I want to make them affordable to ppl as the lower end of the Grado range is affordable also.
Much thanks
Look forward to hearing from you
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I have the MS1i modded with cocobolo cups, I must say they sound fantastic.

The cups were handmade by Martin Custom Audio about a year and a half ago. (see pic below)

He (MCA) seems to still be going strong. http://www.martincustomaudio.com/

It seems that many others have closed up shop, maybe the demand isn't what it once was.


Zebrano is an excellent choice for good looks, it is considered to be a "tonewood".

It is used for guitars and whatnot. The harder tonewoods such as cocobolo, ebony,

rosewood, mahogany, maple and walnut are more sought after for headphone use tho.



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Post some pictures, there are always people looking to buy woodies, especially if the price is right. I made my own first set the other day, but given the time requirement and my relatively low skill, if there's a reasonably priced, nice looking design, I would definitely buy as well.

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My first go at making some woodies. They are beach templates and they are going to have detachable
Mini xlr cables that I have built.thanks toxic cables for the wire it was much fun learning litz braiding lol.
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My new cable
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Almost finished just need my heatshrink tubing
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And here we haven some lovely sounding grado woodies with ms1-I drivers in zebrano that I finished this morning.
I've even made a detachable cables courtesy of toxic cables and his lovely wire,I think the cable is the same as his silver poison with mini xlr three pin terminals.
I've added some L cushion pads for comfort and I've to add some Evs grounding devices which I've used before and makes headphones sound like your at an opera.they really do open the sound up.
Also I'm looking for some more grado drivers,so if any one has a pair hanging around please pm me.
I have PayPal and eBay and I've 100 % feedback.
I've a spare set of cups for sale or trade for drivers.
I'll put a pic up sometime.The woodies are made to fit none liberated drivers
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