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For Sale: Audeze LCD-2 foam headband

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For Sale:
Audeze LCD-2 foam headband

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hey all,


Selling the original LCD-2 foam headband I bought directly from Audeze about a month ago to use with my LCD-2's. I'm letting go of the LCD-2's so these will obviously have to go as well. IMO these are much, much more comfortable than the newer leather headbands that they use on their headphones now (and not just me either... just ask around LCD-2/3 threads to see many others say the same thing)... admittingly they're not as pretty, but it's always comfort > looks in this hobby for me, personally.  And last time I checked with Audeze, they don't have any more of these in stock anymore, so here's your chance to get one for cheap. It honestly hasn't seen much use and as you can see on the pictures, looks pretty much mint still. I don't gel my hair and as a matter of fact keep it buzzed/shaved most of the time, so don't worry about any hygiene issues.


Audeze originally sold these for $80... here I'm letting it go for $50 plus shipping/fees to your location.  Local buyers here in Toronto, Canada would be greatly preferred. PM me for inquiries. Thanks!

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Ended up getting another, but I'll be selling my LCD-2 rig off soon so another one for sale here! Don't miss out the rare chance to get the more comfy foam headband folks!

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