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Looking to get a better setup for K240mkii

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Hi I am looking to get a new amp/dac for my AKG K240. I have heard that tube amps are not very good when matched with low impedance headphones and was wondering if this applied to my AKGs?


The amps that I was looking at before I read this were


Little Dot 1+ and Mkii 

Qinpu Q2 or A3 

Hifiman EF2A 

Starving Student

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anybody? would these amps work well or should i be looking elsewhere 

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When it comes to tube amps on low impedance headphones, generally avoid OTL amps, which a lot of cheaper and lower cost tube amps are.


Hybrid amps or OTC amps(tend to be expensive, an example of an OTC is the WooAudio WA6) will drive low impedance headphones fine.


I wouldn't get the Little Dot MKII as it's an OTL amp


I only heard the K240 on the EF2A, it's really powerful sounding on the EF2A and I quite liked it, just note the EF2A has a lot of gain, so it gets loud and fast.


I can't comment on how the others sound on the K240.

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IMHO the 55 ohm model K240 sounds better with neutral, solid state amps of the "wire with gain" variety.  Its got its flavor of bass extension and emphasis, as well as present but non-aggressive midrange tones that I don't really care for too much mixed in with even order tube-THD.  I have always liked my K240s with "dry" sounding amps, that don't color the sound too much.  Larocco PPA is my affordable "dry" solid state amp of choice


My fave budget K240-55 amp is the gilmore lite.  Long discontinued though, and I am not sure how it stacks up against other more current clean sounding solid state amps.


I am not a fan of these cans with OTL amps either... transformer coupling (usually more expensive) and tube hybrids are the way to go.

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thanks for the response i am going to have some time before i get an amp now. i had to replace my computer which took a crap, so my wallet is looking a bit skinny at the moment.. i will look in to the solid state and not otl from your advice

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