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For Sale: HiFiMan HE-400 + velour pads

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For Sale:
HiFiMan HE-400 + velour pads

Will Ship To: Anywhere

The e-stat calling is proving too strong to resist..  so to soften the wallet check, I'm (regrettably) selling a few things.


I purchased my HE-400 (and velour pads) from HeadRoom in January 2013, so my pair is barely four months old.  It was a new HE-400.. not B-stock/refurbished/etc.  It is in MINT condition!  Not a scratch, nick, or scuff anywhere.  Others have had some issues with the painted "HiFiMan HE-400" logo on the sides of the cups wearing off.. not an issue with my pair!  The printing looks identical to how it looked when I received it.  I used the phones daily & haven't had a single issue with them.. but since they are fairly new (and have a lengthy warranty still remaining), I'll include my purchase receipt in the event you need any warranty service from HiFiMan and/or HeadRoom.


Included are all original accessories (stock cable, pouch, pleather pads, etc.) as well as the velour pads.  Again, everything is in mint condition.  The pleather pads & stock cable was never used so they're literally brand new.  Out home has no kids or pets and these phones were always stored in a cabinet when they weren't used.  Rest assured you're getting a pair of HE-400 that have been taken care of with the utmost attention.  I will ship with the original HiFiMan HE-400 shipping box, too.


-Price listed includes PayPal fees.

-Buyer pays shipping.

-No trades.


Pictures available upon request.

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