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For Sale: DreamEarz AUD-8X custom IEM

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For Sale:
DreamEarz AUD-8X custom IEM

Will Ship To: Anywhere

The e-stat calling is proving too strong to resist..  to soften the wallet check, I'm (regrettably) selling a few things.


I've had the AUD-8X for a few weeks now and my time with them has nothing short of excellent.  I've owned the 6X, 7X, and 8X.. the 8X, IMO, is the most refined and balanced of the bunch.  In a nutshell.. their signature is neutral, smooth, full, slightly warm, and spacious.  With eight drivers, you can expect top notch technical performance.  Hit up the "DreamEarz appreciation thread" for more of my impressions on their sound as well as some thoughts from (the ever-knowledgeable, custom IEM guru) average_joe.


I need to make a special mention that Mitch Marcum's (DreamEarz' owner) service was nothing short of exemplary.  He's polite, communicative, prompt, and will work with you to make sure you're completely satisfied.


The 8X retails for $865.  I'm offering mine for $475.  Mitch charges $125 to reshell his IEMs.  Doing the math, the total it comes to is $600 for a wonderfully crafted, eight driver behemoth.  That's $265 below retail.. I guarantee  you'll never see that kind of deal anywhere.  I'll include the hard & soft case, as well as the cleaning tool that was provided with my 8X.


-Price listed includes PayPal fees & shipping (worldwide).

-No trades.

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Picture added.

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You got a FR chart I can look at?
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Originally Posted by Mach3 View Post

You got a FR chart I can look at?


I don't.. If I can get one from Mitch, I'll post it.

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