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Originally Posted by cangle View Post

I've been exploring other headphone options (particularly closed headphones), and was wondering if anyone has opinions on the Denon AH-D5000. It doesn't look they are still made but they seem to be popular and was wondering how they might compare to the HE-500.


Also, how would the Denons be for jazz and vocals? I know they are supposed to have great bass, but I am not sure how they would perform for the genres of music that I prefer.

I think there's a large consensus of folks who consider the Mad Dogs with Alpha pads the best closed-can within hundreds of dollars of it's $300 price tag.  I haven't heard them yet, but they get favorably compared to the HE-400, my beloved HE-500, and are compared to an upgraded HD650 (only closed).

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Originally Posted by cangle View Post

How is the comfort with the HE-500? I've heard that they clamp on your head a lot and are heavy. This is one of my main concerns with going with a hifiman headphone as I would like to have one that I can wear on my head for at least 2 hours without needing to take them off due to being uncomfortable

No comfort issues for me at all, neither no clamp. And mine are stock, no mods for better comfort. If you are not overly sensitive and critical regarding headphone comfort, you won't have a problem. But it is quite obvious that you won't read a book with 600 grams of headphone resting on you head unless you have a very strong neck.

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HD600 bifrost asgard stack


Forget the Modi and Magni, get real transformers XD

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Planars are heavy. HE-400 pads and clamping force are ok, very comfortable, but the weight may cause fatigue for longer listening sessions. That's just my opinion. YMMV.

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HD600 bifrost asgard stack


Forget the Modi and Magni, get real transformers XD

I would eventually like to get something along the lines of the bifrost and asgard combo, but at the moment my budget won't allow for that so I am forced to get the schiit stack. However if I decide to get slightly cheaper headphones, I may purchase the asgard along with the modi. We'll see...

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I personally LOVE the HE-400's.  I'm driving them off of an O2/ODAC combo from Mayflower Electronics with no issues to speak of.  Originally the comfort on the HE-400's wasn't the best, but there's an insanely easy fix.  Just carefully bend the headband to fit the contour of your head.  Before I did that, all the weight was resting on a very small portion of my head, and it was extremely uncomfortable for long listening sessions.  Ever since I bent the headband a bit the comfort has vastly improved, and the clamping force has been minimized.


My recommendation:

Headphone:  HE-400 (~$300 USD on Amazon)

Amp/Dac:  O2/ODAC combo or Schiit M&M stack.  You'll actually save a bit of money on the schiit stack, and if you'd like to use the Modi to feed speakers or something, the RCA output will be a lot more convenient than the 1/4" jack on the O2.  (~$200-300 USD)

Cable:  I'm no believer in cables changing sound quality, but even if you're not, the stock cable that comes with the HE-400 is lackluster.  It's thick, heavy, and is generally just a mess.  I'm currently waiting for a replacement cable that I bought on ebay for $50.  Looks to be a much nicer cable.  (~$50) 

Link to the custom cable (Click to show)

Total cost of this setup ranges from $550 with the Schiit stack and the custom cable up to approximately $600 if you go with the O2/ODAC.  It should also be noted that several O2 manufacturers sell custom versions of the O2.  You can have them use different outputs, use different gain settings, etc., but that will (obviously) cost you a bit extra. 

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That was my budget too! Ended up with the HE500 magni and modi. I'm really happy with my decision.

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HD650 from razordog 400$

Bottlehead crack w/sb 279+125$

Schiit Modi 100$

Shipping/handing 30-100$ 

taxes 100$


Total  1100$ give or take





Or be smart and get a entry stax it will destroy any planar/dynamics for the price

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