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For Sale:
Stax SRM-717 Electrostatic Earspeaker Driver/amp (117v) - Toronto, Canada

Hey all,


Well, I've decided to sell my 007's so my matching 717 amp will have to go as well. I'll be acquiring the 009's in a few months and from what I've heard from demoing, they matched up beautifully with the 727's, which is what I am going to be getting in its stead.  717 is more neutral thus a better match with the 007's, but they felt a little too clinical with the 009's...


Anyways, I'm the second owner of this amp and despite what it says on the back on the picture, they are NOT the 100v version at this time. They have been modded to the 117v version now as I happened to be fortunate enough to get a unit which allows that simple modification.  It's hard to find this amp these days in 117v version so here is your chance to get one (actually, they're hard to find period, now...).


The amp is in fantastic shape externally and internally and other than some minor stripping on some of the screws and on the corner of the panel on the bottom (which you're not going to see obviously, as it's facing down), I can't find any cosmetic faults with these at all.  You'll find it hard to find a 717 unit in a condition as good as this.  It'll come with its original Stax packing box so you can be sure they'll be well secured if I have to ship it off (and of course, I'll double box it on top).  It'll also come with the RCA-RCA cable that it came with (nothing special about them, but nice of them to include anyways).  I can include a power cord as well, though they're the Japanese power cord without the ground pin (thus not too safe for use here in NA). I'd trust y'all to have a few power cords lying around the house, though. wink.gif


Looking for $1000 + shipping/fees for this unit. I'd greatly prefer local deals here in Toronto, Canada, and if not in Toronto, Canadians will get preference so that I can pass these on to my fellow Canadians without having them to deal with the duty fees.  I'll take American offers as well.


Please PM me for inquiries. Thanks!