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For Sale:
Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies

Will Ship To: UK

I have reluctantly decided to sell my mint WA7 Fireflies after owning it for only a few months. I purchased it from the Woo Audio website and it was one of the first units in the UK when I received it in February. It has had around 100 hours of burn in but is still in mint condition and comes in the original box with all the bits, including the standard Sovtek tubes.


The ONLY reason I am selling it is because I have decided that I do not need an all in one desktop solution and have decided to invest in a dedicated V800 DAC and separate amp, and will need to sell this to fund it. It is a superbly performing amp, very natural and engaging as you would expect from a Woo amp, perhaps just not quite as resolving or detailed as the more expensive DACs and amps. It is also a beautiful piece of engineering and a great addition to any room/headphone setup.


I am only willing to ship this to the UK due to the high value and very heavy weight. Price is £550 including delivery, not including fees if you choose to pay by Paypal.

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