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JVC HA-FX700 OR Vsonic V7007

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Hey guys! I haven't posted in awhile, but my headphone fever has returned (of course). I have been using Vsonic GR07 and BrainWavz HM5 the past couple of years (I found the HM5's to be severely overhyped and had a very flat, boring, and distant presentation). While they have lasted me I feel I need to explore the world of headphones once again. These two headphones aren't my ideal sound signature and at first the harsh simbilance of the GR07 made me cringe until they settled down about 100 hours in. I love my GR07's but they lack in the excitement factor for me, I like my music to engulf me and I find these two headphones are more neutral (although the GR07 seemingly has a slight bass hump and spike in mid-treble). So, the two headphones (in ears anyways, im also considering philips X1) I am considering are the FX700 which I can find for 270 online and the Vsonic V7007. Should I wait for the new v7007's as they apparently hold the same ground with the K3003's according to Vsonics CEO. Or does anyone have any other suggestions for some HI-FI in ears? I like engaging bass, smooth crisp mids and sparkly but not harsh or overly bright highs. I listen mostly to ambient, chillstep, liquid dubstep, other EDM, acoustic music, and rap. my price limit is around 300 and under (I also only have a fiio E1 for amping) Looking forward to hearing some opinions thanks!

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Highly doubt the 7007 are going to be $300 or under so, there, your choice is made wink_face.gif!


Maybe you could replace with the TPEOS H200 or maybe the Astrotec AX9 which will be closer to the price range. Also check out the CKS1000 which has quality bass and is stated as being very engaging by those who own it.

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Well, looking at the 7007 thread, they're saying that Vsonic's complete boycott of Japanese anything due to territorial disputes; not to mention a long-standing grudge due to the brutal Sino-Japanese war and the resulting hegemony (said grudge often morphs into flat-out racial hatred sadly - about 1/3 of Chinese primetime dramas tend to be hyperviolent revenge stories - you can look up the political situation yourself if you really want to as I don't want to turn this into a political debate especially since there are a lot of asian head-fi members and emotions run EXTREMELY high concerning all this stuff) may have killed the project altogether and at the very least has delayed it big time. Even
the GR07 is in danger b/c Sony developed bio cellulose drivers and may have patented the process.
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