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Originally Posted by pnewelljr View Post

Ok, tried a pair of Kliipsch too, and it is definitely not a problem with the headphones. Also, I should not, I am playing the headphones a lot louder than I normally do, since Im testing them. So I guess I just never noticed all this before because of lower volume? I guess this thread has become pointless now though


Nothing is pointless. What matters is that you are experiencing things out. This may serve as a useful resource for others etc at any rate. That said, glad you are figuring things out. 

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to the OP - just where are you - that you're getting all these nice asia editions of  Shure's? am very jealous.

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I live in tokyo haha

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This thread is hilarious. I mean, I know it's a serious search for good sound, but what the OP describes is inexplicably bizarre vis-a-vis the equipment being used. First pair >$100 with this result? I hate to suggest that it's user error, but it sounds for all the world like the earphones are not properly deployed.


These are not Apple buds. Please make sure your IEMs are fully sealed within the ear canal; that's how they are designed to work.

Have you tried the Sensaphonics Audio Seal Test?

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Originally Posted by pnewelljr View Post

To continue the conversation, I picked up a pair of SE215 SE (the asia ones) to compare. I definitely wouldnt say the songs Im having issues with sound better. Same issues. So I guess it really is my source songs. Im just surprised at how many of them sounds bad

I picked up the SE215s yesterday too and am having the same problem. Trimming down the foam on the black sleeve tips helped a little, but not enough.

Coming from the Sennheiser HD 25s, the mids (+cymbals like you mentioned) sound harsh and similar to how I'd expect a <128kbps MP3 to sound. Bass is fine at least.


I'll probably try getting some replacement sleeves before giving up entirely.

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the se535ltd-j sound great amped. they are sensative enough to run through a ipod/iphone. but imo the ipod or iphone doesnt have the kind of amplification qualities that a external portable amp does. 


personally if ipod or iphone is a must go with a portable external amp/LOD combo. when i had my ltd-j i was running the ibasso p4 warbler with the lme49990 and a lod and believe me the sound quality was far beyond what a ipod or iphone can put out of its 3.5mm jack.


sometimes i feel like when people talk about the shures being sensative and dont need a amp. i feel like they are talking about how the iems can get loud without a amplifier to boost the volume.....while completely leaving out that if you get a high end amplifier its NOT just a volume booster. it improves the sound quality, with a lod you can get a cleaner signal, bypass the stock amplifier that imo are not up to the standards of ibasso,headstage,rsa or jds labs.


just becuase these are sensative doesnt mean that there are going to be benifits from amplifiers, personally i got no hiss with my p4 and the ltd-j. sound quality was AMAZING to say the least.


imo if you are rockin 500+ headphones and your running a ipod or iphone and you dont have a LOD or Amplifier you arent doing these iem justice. thats just my opinion

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You deffently need a good seal..I like the foam olives..I like the medium ones but the large ones cause I have big in ear gives them all the bass I need..listen to them for a while to get use to the sound..I had to..at first I was like.. Ugh I don't like these..now I think they sound good with any gender of music..I also have the 315 s too and I like them too..maybe try those..but I'd give them more time and try as many tips as possible..as I've said many times..just my opinion..lol
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None of the tips my Shure SE535 or SE215 came with work for me. I can get a good sound with the yellow foams but they are really uncomfortable. The only tips I can use are Klipsch gels, large. With them, the Shures sound and feel fantastic. Don't give up OP, keep searching for the right tips. It's all in the supple, tender, golden tip. Your own mortality can only be measured by the tipp.
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Originally Posted by pnewelljr View Post

Yah, I am thinking that these headphones are too nice for the kind of music I listen to. Which is to bad because they seem like great headphones. I just ordered a E11 and I am gonna try running them through that when it gets here. Otherwise I might switch them out for the SE215 which seems crazy to me haha

Originally Posted by Orkboy View Post

None of the tips my Shure SE535 or SE215 came with work for me. I can get a good sound with the yellow foams but they are really uncomfortable. The only tips I can use are Klipsch gels, large. With them, the Shures sound and feel fantastic. Don't give up OP, keep searching for the right tips.
I've never tried those tips..I'm going to have to try them..smily_headphones1.gif
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To me all the foams like the yellow or the olives or the comply all seem to soak up the mids and highs and dampen them a great deal.

Tou will provably find them to be comfortable yes but juat listen you can hear a desernable difference between silicpme and foam
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My 535s sound amazing. I use the marshmallow earbuds and you have to learn how to put them on but I have gotten to the point were I just stick them in my ear and they are good to go. Comfortable and everything. 


There is no way a $20 headsphones sound better than these and I have owned all the beats, klipsch, and some other brands that were up to $100, bose, just basically all your typical popular ones you can find the stores (worked at best buy so my discount was nice). The 530 and the 535 beat all of them. 


Maybe you got some bad headphones but they work amazingly. I use spotify and they even sound good at 96khz. 320 makes their base jump out a lot more and for rock music they are amazing. Every scream, yell, signing, to guitar solo is amazing on them. 


I seriously think you got some bad ones. 

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I just got my SHURE SE535 and am totally disappointed. Tried different music , different ear sleeves - no difference - they are not worth the price. They sound so cheap.


I had tried the UE900 for 2 weeks and returned them as I was worried about the reviews on the cabe connections.  I thought the SE535 would be better after reading reviews. I am now kicking myself. Unfortunately I cannot return the SE535 so am stuck with them after all the money.


Even my B&W C5 sounds better than this - they are sharp and crisp. SE535 is the flattest, dullest earphones I have heard - no finesse at all. I cant believe so many people like these earphones. 


Please try the UE900 or 1964 quad drivers - they are in a different league no comparison whatsoever. SE535 sounds like a cheap set of speakers in front of these

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same thing is happening to me they have splashy cymbles and makes everything sound old i do have full size audiophile grade headphones and know im not getting the same thing in these iems 

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