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For Sale: Sony EX1000 - Price to sell quick

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For Sale:
Sony EX1000 - Price to sell quick

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I picked these up from a fellow Head-fi member from this FS Thread but I was surprised to find I really prefer my UE900 even though the EX1000 is slightly more comfortable and has a more lush sound. I have only had these for a couple days and find SaigonGrandFunk's description very accurate. They are great shape with only minimal wearing on the lettering. The box they came in is a bit worn though but I will ship these in a good outer carton to help preserve the case. They have all the tips.


I have sold the extra cable though. The price I am listing these for includes shipping in Canada and the US. For other countries shipping will have to be extra.


I paid $350 for them with the extra cable and am selling them for a lower price (call it my rental fee :)) to help move them out faster and allow someone a chance to have a beautiful flagship IEM for a bit better rate than normal.

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sale pending...

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I appreciate all the PM's and will contact people if the first pending sale does not work out.

I want to be clear on two points.

1. I will not discount these.
2. The 2nd cable is sold. These come with only the original cable.
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I reached my pm limit if you want we mail about these iem
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