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For Sale or Trade:
Denon MD7000 - Lawton Audio modded D7000

Will Ship To: Canada/US

edit: back up for sale and now considering the following trades (with some cash to complete the deals):


LCD2.2 (latest version with angled connectors)




Selling my pair of excellent Lawton Audio modded D7000 headphones. The D7000, by itself is a very good and fun headphone. This Lawton Audio mod adds damping material to the cups (this headphone has the stock D7000 cups) and drivers to improve the quality and control of the bass and make the midrange and bass more balanced.

The stock earpads are also stuffed to move the drivers slightly further away form the ear. This combination also improves soundstage width and depth, making it sound more like an open headphone.

Overall, the "MD7000" is a more reference quality headphone with more accurate sound than the stock cans but it still has the great, driving bass with deep subbass extension. This is is the highest quality basshead headphone you can get without spending $2000 for a TH900 or LCD3. 

Price does not include shipping or paypal fees. interac e-transfer preferred within Canada

Pics added and shows one cosmetic issue on one cup. it's a small dent about 1/8" high on the right cup. Very hard to see without a bright light shining directly on it.

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