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Ever Pass Down the Headphone Hobby?

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A while back, I rounded up my old, unused equipment: HD650, X-Can V8p, and a Denon AVR-2802 and passed them along to my 15-year-old step-step-nephew, twice removed - I think. It's complicated - too many blended families are at work here. He's a good kid with a rabid interest in music, audio, and all things technical. I figured that it would be a while before he could afford that bunch of old stuff that was just taking up space. He would have received the Acoustat speakers too, but I sent them packing last year.


Interesting, really, that someone 15 would be interested in collecting vinyl when my generation says good riddance to all of the old issues. Sure, I could have sold it all, but it was worth more than that to give it to someone who really appreciated it. The other fascinating thing was his perception of the LCD-2 vs. HD650. He hit it exactly during a listening session that day. I didn't bring the Stax - maybe for the next family gathering. He'll get the ER-4s next time - maybe he can take the pain.


I was a teacher years ago, and maybe this will change a life in some subtle way. Plus, my wife is happy when anything leaves the house.


Anyone else have stories about passing on the legacy?

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I'm slowly trying to get my sister to get into headphones and good sound, basically by lending her my gear and gifting her some relatively cheap good IEM's (like the Vsonic GR02 Bass)


It's an uphill battle i'll tell ya, for once she doesn't like to spend money and second the music she listens to..... Well... She.. She is an Justin Bieber fan frown.gif i'm sorry..


Anyways right now i've borrowed her my Denon D1100 because she said she likes the bass and i've luckily convinced her that there are differences in quality of bass and she also agrees that the Beats bass is of worse quality than the Denon's. Next i'll get her to borrow my Vsonic VC02 which she also said she likes, so she can move to a more natural sound and maybe then i can get her to also appreciate the other sounds in the spectrum. Did get her to try my AKG K550's though, she didn't like those -.-' so still a long way ahead


I also tried to get her to listen to some of The Raconteurs and a bit of Depeche mode to see if she was open over for other kinds of music. She said it was nice but not something she wanted to listen to normally.


But the day will come, juuust have to be patient and in a few years we will exchange headphones and talk about headphones and she will be a member of head-fi. I'm sure of it tongue_smile.gif

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I worked voluntarily as a photographer for a youth club media department. 

The other guy in the media 'office' was a youth who very quickly got inspired by my various headphones and the unique characteristics of each.


I was sad to see him doing his film editing with a broken pair of portapros so I lent him my Sennheiser HD450 (1980's vintage). He was blown away by their polite neutrality, sublime comfort and detail retrieval. After a while he was hooked on them so I told him he could keep them.
Now he's looking to upgrade to the HD5XX line. 


*leans back with a satisfied grin*

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Not exactly passing down, but more passing sideways.  I've got some friends at my school who know I'm interested in headphones.  I've gotten one of them to buy DT 770 Pro-80s and another to buy ATH-M50s.

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Got my dad to sell his Beats and purchase a pair of Beyerdynamic DT660. I gave my Shure IEM's that I had before Head-Fi(the lowest model) to my brother. Not sure if he appreciates them/appreciated them(not sure he has them anymore, knowingly, he probably didn't carefrown.gif)

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