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New HD Tracks Chesky Sampler limited-time only $5!

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I downloaded it this morning when I received the email, and I haven't listened to it yet.


I thought I would share it with the community first, since it appears top be audiophile-oriented and it's only $5 for a limited time--for all file sizes.


It has some of those recent binaural tracks that many of already have, but it has some new ones and some new non-binaurals as well. I think anyways, I'm not a Chesky expert. But this collection looks like it would be worth it even at $18.


It seems like there's some good tracks on here. I'm looking forward to Breathe and You Shook Me in particular just from giving it a cursory glance, but there's a few other good ones from the looks of it.


I have no affiliation and am not making any $ off this yada yada yada. Enjoy!



19296k  44
Our Price: $4.98 (limited time only!)
Value: $17.98
At Audiogon, our goal is not only to provide a safe marketplace for your evolving system, it’s also to give you the tools to elevate the hobby. This Wake Up Your Ears! sampler contains hand-selected tracks designed to aid in training your ears to actively listen while showcasing your audio components. While listening, you may find that you need to make some system tweaks in order to fully appreciate the capabilities of your high-performance gear. Without the dynamic range compression present in other recordings, David Chesky produces high-quality music rich with subtle nuance and emotion that’s severely lacking in most studio recordings today. Audiogon is proud to partner with HDtracks to help you Wake Up Your Ears! If you want to hear how good a speaker or headphone can sound you have to play great sounding recordings. It’s the old “garbage in, garbage out” maxim at work, because if the recording isn’t up to snuff no speaker or headphone can make it sound better than it really is.



Chesky recordings are free of dynamic range compression, processing and other forms of studio trickery, so they more accurately portray the sound of music than most mainstream recordings. That is, instruments and voices sound more like they do in real life, so when you listen to a speaker or headphone the question is, how realistic does it sound? With heavily processed recordings, i.e., most rock, pop, hip hop, electronica, etc. it’s impossible to know what they’re supposed to sound like. Uncompressed music isn’t “loud” all the time, so a whisper quiet vocal isn’t as loud as a screamed one. We’ve all gotten used to hearing music mixed and mastered to have a consistent volume level. Since the music on this sampler retains its natural dynamics intact you’ll probably have to turn up the volume on your phone or hi-fi a notch or two from your normal listening level to enjoy the music’s full dynamic range.


Track Listings

Chesky Binaural+ Series

The Binaural+ Series is the first ever of its kind, and is changing the way people hear music on their headphones. The Binaural+ sessions were recorded in high-resolution 176kHz and 192kHz/24bit sound with a special Binaural head (a “dummy” human head with specially calibrated microphones where the ears would be). This technique captures the sound of music as if you were sitting in front of the band.
amber Track 1 Title: Good Mystery Album: Sessions from the 17th Ward Artist: Amber Rubarth Genre: Folk Written by: Amber Rubarth Published by: Inspiraled Music (ASCAP), Chesky Productions (ASCAP) Chances are you haven’t heard a recording where the singer’s voice wasn’t dynamically compressed, but Ms. Rubarth’s voice is 100% au naturel. Her guitar and the accompanying violin, cello and percussion were also unencumbered by any form of processing.
ny rags Track 2 Title: Rag No. 18 Album: The New York Rags Artist: David Chesky Genre: Jazz Written by: David Chesky Published by: Chesky Productions (ASCAP) Chesky’s spirited piano rags should be crystal clear and precise, a transparent window back to the sound at the session. The nine-foot grand piano’s dynamics are unrestrained, so try to play this track at a realistic level, if you dare!
cc-coletti-bring-it-on-home-cover-01a.indd Track 3 Title: You Shook Me Album: Bring It on Home: CC Coletti Sings the American Roots of Zeppelin Artist: CC Coletti Genre: Folk Written by: Willie Dixon & J. B. Lenoir CC Coletti breathes new life into Led Zeppelin’s tune, originally written by Willie Dixon, and this recording should transport you directly to the recording venue. You’ll hear her vocal, electric guitar, bass, harmonica, and drums’ sound. You are there.
wycliffe Track 4 Title: St. Louis Blues Album: Dreams of New Orleans Artist: Wycliffe Gordon Genre: Jazz Composed by: W. C. Handy Published by: Coup de Cone Music, Inc. in 1996 Gordon’s arrangement of this classic will provide a thorough workout for your system. Turn up the volume on this one, and listen to the band roar! The banjo and tuba leads swirling around Gordon’s trombone and Jon Erik-Kelso’s trumpet are terrific tests of your system’s low-level resolution.
explorations Track 5 Title: Stank Album: Explorations in Space and Time Artist: Jamey Haddad/Mark Sherman/Lenny White Genre: Jazz Chances are you’ve never heard uncompressed drums, but here you’ll be treated to three master percussionists going to town. Turn up the volume, but go slowly, we don’t want to blow up your speakers or headphones!
dr Track 6 Title: Dancing Flute and Drum Album: Dr. Chesky’s Sensational, Fantastic, and Simply Amazing Binaural Sound Show Artist: Dr. Chesky Genre: Miscellaneous/Test Disc Composed by: David Chesky Published by: Chesky Productions (ASCAP) Dr. Chesky plays a frame drum and Anne Drummond is on flute, and they trade off as they listen to their sounds coming back to them in the Church of St. Paul the Apostle in New York City. You should have a good sense of the space—the church is 284 feet long, 121 feet wide, and 114 feet high in the towers! The reverberation you hear is what they heard—it wasn’t added in post production mixing.
dr Track 7 Title: Mozart Ave verum Album: Dr. Chesky’s Sensational, Fantastic, and Simply Amazing Binaural Sound Show Artist: Choir of the Church of the Blessed Sacrament Genre: Miscellaneous/Test Disc Composed by: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart The Choir and mighty organ were also recorded in the Church of St. Paul the Apostle. There’s something about the way the choir’s voices are suspended in the air that is truly magical. The sound is highly transparent and pure. The organ’s lowest notes may test the bass stamina of your speakers or headphones.
dr Track 8 Title: Edgar the Barber Album: Dr. Chesky’s Sensational, Fantastic, and Simply Amazing Binaural Sound Show Artist: David Chesky Genre: Miscellaneous/Test Disc Composed by: David Chesky Professor Edward Choueiri gives you a binaural “haircut,”and over headphones Edward’s snipping scissors should encircle your head. This binaural recording can produce a remarkably holographic effect.

Chesky High Resolution Recordings

john hammond Track 9 Title: Get Behind the Mule Album: Rough & Tough Artist: John Hammond Genre: Blues/Acoustic Blues Written by: Tom Waits John Hammond throws his body and soul into this Tom Waits tune. He stomps his feet, wails on his guitar, blows his harp, and sings like his life hangs in the balance. There’s total commitment to the blues, and this recording leaves nothing to your imagination. He’s all there.
jen chapin Track 10 Title: You Haven’t Done Nothin’ Album: Revisions Artist: Jen Chapin Genre: Jazz/Vocal Written by: Stevie Wonder Ms. Chapin’s intimate interpretations of classic Stevie Wonder songs make for a fascinating journey. The jazzy interplay of the trio with Chapin’s vocals, Chris Cheek’s saxophones and Stephan Crump’s stand up bass, together cut to the funky heart of the matter. The three players’ sounds should take on a truly holographic presence between your two speakers.
coryell organ trio Track 11 Title: Full Moon over Istanbul Album: Impressions Artist: The Larry Coryell Organ Trio Genre: Jazz/Bop Composed by: Paul Wertico Listen to the exquisite textures of Paul Wertico’s high-speed brushes flying over his drum kit, the silky glide of Sam Yahel’s Hammond B-3 organ, and guitarist extraordinaire Coryell’s gentle fretwork. The atmosphere is so quiet, but the pulsing groove should get your feet tapping.
raven Track 12 Title: You Got Me Album: The Raven Artist: Rebecca Pidgeon Genre: Jazz/Vocal Written by: Rebecca Pidgeon Pidgeon and her tight little band get down to business. Listen closely to this live in the studio gem, and feel the connection, the spark of creating fully realized music in the moment. The players all know there will be no fixing it in the mix, overdubs, compression, or any form of studio trickery, just their music, as they played it. And that makes all the difference.
hancock island Track 13 Title: Cantaloupe Island Album: Hancock Island Artist: Lenny White/Buster Williams/George Colligan/Steve Wilson Genre: Jazz/Mainstream Composed by: Herbie Hancock Here’s what happens when you have George Colligan on Fender Rhodes piano, Lenny White on drums, and Steve Wilson on saxophone mixing it up on a suite of tunes. These veterans all dig deep, but check out White’s drums in particular, they way they ignite and propel Herbie Hancock’s jazz standard. Play this one nice and loud, you should feel Cantaloupe Island in your bones!
black coffee Track 14 Title: Alright, OK, You Win Album: Black Coffee Artist: Louise Rogers Genre: Jazz Written by: Sid Wyche & Mayme Watts Jazz singer Louise Rogers swings mightily here, she says she was inspired by the way Peggy Lee did the tune on her 1962 Bewitching Lee! album. She’s right of course, and she’s clearly having a ball inhabiting the tune. Ms. Rogers and her band should sound fully three-dimensional and present, they are all being “heard” by just one Soundfield microphone!
jazz side of the moon Track 15 Title: Breathe Album: Jazz Side of the Moon: The Music of Pink Floyd Artist: Seamus Blake/Ari Hoenig/Mike Moreno/Sam Yahel Genre: Jazz/Contemporary Written by: David Gilmour & Richard Wright (music) and Roger Waters (lyrics) The drum “heartbeat,” soulful Hammond B-5 organ and sax, and jazzy guitar set the scene, and then the tempo picks up. It’s an auspicious exploration of the ultimate ’Floyd album, reworked as an improvised jazz suite. Listen to this one in the dark, and let your mind float downstream.



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Well. This is very good. The SQ really picks up at track 9, which is the beginning of the "Chesky High Resolution Recordings" section.


Not that the first section, "Chesky Binaural+ Series", is any slouch in that department. But the second section is consistently outstanding so far, and a noticeable step up. I'm listening with my newly-restored Lambda Pros, and in the first section I thought there might be something wrong and switched to the HE6 for more musicality, for which I was duly rewarded (with those tracks). But with the second section the Stax keeps right up, maybe  even surpasses the HE6 which is evidently more forgiving.


I would say there's a good mix of genres represented here, from classical to various forms of jazz, some blues and rock fusion, even a bit of down-home Americana.


I'm very happy with this $5 purchase, beats a cup of joe at the airport that's for sure!


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The only Chesky CD I ever had was this old collection. I thought it was thin and clinical but its old though.


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Bumping because this is still only $5, sale could be over tonight!



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thanks, downloading now 

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thanks indeed. Downloaded the 24/192 a couple of hours ago. Some of the tracks (including one of the binaural ones!) have an unnatural three-blobs soundstage on my rig (SB Touch, StageDAC, WA6, HE500), but the hi-res tracks from 9 onwards are really impressive!!!

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When listening at 192khz/24bit, has anybody else heard strange (and very loud) static in certain tracks such as, "St. Louis Blues.flac" ???


I hear it in that track (again, it's not subtle but very loud and obviously not right) and in others.


As well, my roommate, listening on completely different gear than myself, gets the exact same noise on the exact same tracks. Also, he tried the compilation on his notebook and got the same results.\


The strange thing? If I resample everything to 96khz/24bit, the tracks which previously played with the horrible background static? They play just fine ... on all above mentioned gear.


Any ideas? comments?

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