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For Sale: Smyth A8 Realiser

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For Sale:
Smyth A8 Realiser

Will Ship To: U.S


    I am selling my Smyth Realiser, purchased from them directly at their shop, I have had it along with the other equipment I have for sale for just over 2 months. I have enjoyed this product probably more than anything else I have purchased, I use it daily. It is in excellent condition and comes with an HDMI detective as well as a second head tracker. 


Headphones have become a bit isolating for me as my wife does not enjoy them as much as I have. I am selling these items for speakers, and narrowing/compromising my headphone gear. This will come with all accessories in excellent condition, with an extra head tracker, 2 extra clips, and an HDMI detective. This price will include shipping paypal, thank you for looking... 

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