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For Sale: Great Condition HE400

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For Sale:
Great Condition HE400

Will Ship To: CONUS

Excellent condition HE400. It is rev.4, and the paint for the logo and L R is much better then the ones I've seen at meets or on pictures of other HE400s. I do not have the original box, but it really is just a cardboard box, nothing special. I am the second owner, and I think the warranty is expired, but they work great. I will include the stock pleathers, along with the Jerg pads with mods 1 and 2 done on them. It will also come with the upgraded Beyer headband. I've owned them for about a month, and have decided to sell them so I can afford to upgrade my speakers. My opinion on these is a more detailed, brighter sound, I preferred them by far too my old HD650s and Alpha Dogs due to their airier sound. Price is $315 plus shipping (Normally $10). CONUS only please.

Thanks for looking,
Mark K.
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Can you add some pictures?
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Added and price dropped. wink.gif
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price drop
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