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For Sale: FS: Stax SRD-P

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For Sale:
FS: Stax SRD-P

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale is a Stax SRD-P portable transformer adaptor in decent condition.  These rarely ever come up, especially this version.  There were various different versions of this, some of which weren't even portable.  This is capable of being powered either by 8 C batteries for portable use or with use of a wall wart for home use.  It has 2 Pro bias jacks.  Typical battery life is said to be 50-100 hours, perfect if you want to take your Stax on vacation or the subway with you. tongue.gif  Note: I don't have the AC wall wart for this.  Any 12v 400mA wall wart should work with it and they're not expensive.


Payment: due to an issue with Paypal in the past, I will not be accepting Paypal as a form of payment as I refuse to give them business.  I will accept money order, wire transfer, or other online payment services.  I have perfect feedback and go to meets all the time, so you have nothing to worry about as I'm not going anywhere.  I've done multiple transactions without paypal in the last 2 years for items much more expensive than this without a problem. 


Low ballers will be put on ignore until item is sold.

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Pro bias only? Can this be modded for normal bias?

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