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It looks like win.

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What about the 'automatically adjustable' headband of the HD26? Is it possible to split it 180 degrees like the one from the HD25 ? What precisely is automatical about them?

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Basically, the headband "pops" open by itself when you pull the cups apart to set it on your head. Benefit: Easy. Neg: Cannot adjust the spacing really as it will always want to open.
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Originally Posted by beedee View Post

Anyone that have these also have the Dt770? DT770 PRO vs. HD26 PRO? I have the Dt770 LE, but I'm really excited about these. MUST......RE....SIST..Damn you head fi!

Probably not that exited anymore, but I can directly compare the 2.

770 are def more comfy for longer listening sessions, but theat was to be expected. Soundwise, well, the Beyer sounds like a Beyer smily_headphones1.gif I prefer the 26s sound signature but the bass isn't a nice as the 770s. 26 does midrange better without EQing.

Compared to 25s, I think the are quite simillar but a tad bit better mid and highs. Like my first impression at the show. I think the also look a bit more "high class" but the exposed cables on the 25 just look amazing to me smily_headphones1.gif Since I have both I can mix and match it up depending how I feel.
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