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Hmmm...I'd maybe put them on par with the original HD25s aesthetically, but the new aluminums are definitely better looking IMO. Sure the HD25 has exposed cabling, but then the 26s have those plastic adjustable wings sticking out; at least if the cable breaks, it can be replaced. 

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One thing to consider: If you don't mind the size and weight difference, you can get the FiiO E12 plus Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 250 for roughly the same price as the HD 26 PRO. Now that is a sweet combo!

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I've had the DT770 and prefer the SQ on the HD 26. I can't wear the 770s on the go.

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Really interested in trying a these. How does the soundstage/imaging compare with the 25s? Any improvement?
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Hi everyone,

I have been using the sennheiser px200iiii with my laptop and mobile for the last few months. I am looking for a small, portable, sealed solution to upgrade from that that is drivable by smartphones. I have been thinking about the new beyerdynamic t51p or the hd25alu or hd26pro. A pity that neither of those has an inline remote or mic though because i really need those. At least with the last two options you might potentially be able to switch the cable. Any news on  what the connection on the headphone end of the hd26pro is like?

Any comparisons between the hd26pro the hd25alu and or the t51p would be greatly appreciated.

Greetings, Anouk,

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