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For Sale: Schiit Gungnir/Mjolnir stack - Page 2

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What's going to be your next audio gear purchase Chris?

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I'm not buying into audio for a while. The LCD-2 honestly didn't scale as well as I had hoped with the Schit stuff, it's the headphones limitation, it's still easily the best amp I've heard thus far.


I'm going to buy another HD800 and then get the SAME stack later honestly.


Schiit makes dac/amp buying easy with their tiered approach, the customer service is great, Jason is probably one of the coolest and easiest people to talk to in the industry, and he knows his stuff. What other company does that now except for HeadRoom? They have an amp for everybody and they stand behind every product in their line as the best value for the money that they could put out.


Lets be honest most of us are not electrical engineers, I have a few more credentials than a lot of people since I come from an engineering background, so we have to rely on how the vendors sell their product otherwise we'd be bombarded with numbers and figures. Schiit products generally don't have very much marketing hype to them IMO, hell their product pages are basically answered in a FAQ style format. They totally refuse to answer this vs other brand questions as well.


Completely unsolicited but I've honestly owned like their entire lineup (there was a period where I didn't post on Head-Fi for a few months) and everything I've had pretty much was the bomb.


Anyway rant over, if I buy more audio gear, it's going to say Schiit on it, end of story :)


But in case I decide to make a butt ton of money overnight, I could go with Ray Samuels as well. Nice guy to deal with, #1 in my books but his stuff is pretty expensive since it's kind of designer audio.

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True. The LCD2's heavily dampened ortho drivers is what really holds them back but there is no eq or mods that can bring there sound presentation out to the open more. Might give mine a shot with driving them on some speaker taps of a power amp see how well the sound is. Anyway don't want to turn this into a discussion board. Good luck with your future purchases. And ya RS' line of gear is nice, just the chassis and design though can't comment on the sound.

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Meahrghhh!!!! Can't believe I missed out on this deal!!


Genuine deal of the century!


Note to self; Must spend even more time than I already do, trawling through the for sale forums  biggrin.gif

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