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For Sale: FS: Fostex TH900

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
FS: Fostex TH900

Will Ship To: Anywhere

It's mint.


Price does not include shipping or paypal fees.


Now selling my second pair. Same condition as first pair (mint) and also wrapped in Saran wrap =D.


Edit: a few people have been asking why I have bought two pairs of these and are now selling them. The reason is because I am moving to a different country. I bought one of them to use for modding (Martin wink_face.gif) but I'm out of time. The reason for selling this second set is because I thought about it, and selling most of this stuff that can be easily re-bought is cheaper than shipping it overseas.

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Handling them with gloves, really making sure they're as mint as possible.  Did this come with the Fostex stand in later shipments of the TH900?

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Wire stand unfortunately.


Then again, the Fostex wire stand is now a limited edition item. wink.gif

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Payment sent.

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Sold to the fine gentlemen above

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Now selling a second pair.

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Holy **** I so want these... hopefully they are good if they are worth a month of pay...

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Hi.  I would love these and I love Marty's work - i have a pair of his FMJs.  Question - while i love the natural wood look why wood you have these 'made over' by him?  Cheers, Stu

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pm sent

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