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Brainwavz M2 upgrade

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Hi all! I've been using this site for a while now (usually the place i come to for headphone reviews etc.) so thought i'd post and ask for some advice.


As the title suggests, i currently have a pair of M2s and have had them for around a year now. i bought them on recommendation from Joker's headphone comparison thread, i really like the sound signature but i'd like to upgrade soon if it's still financially possible.


i've had my eye on the HiSoundAudio crystals as they are within my price range (sub £80). However i've read a few conflicting reviews, where people have complained that they dont like the sound signature etc. In one review somebody recommended the Phonak Audéo Perfect Bass 012 over the crystals. What are other peoples opinions on this? are there any other IEMs that i should look at?


I mainly listen to electronic music (deep house, techno, some trance) and prefer a warm sound (my M2s have a warm sound that i enjoy) and not too much bass (i had some CX300s before the M2s and i found the bass a bit too overbearing - last time i listen to WhatHiFi...put it that way!). I've heard people recommending the M3s however, i was looking for a bit more of an upgrade (if there is such a thing for my price range!).


Any help is much appreciated :-)

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well... first theres this thread: that clearly states dont start new a new thread if you want advice.


But GR06 is a good all around iem.  I have the M2 also, and its a great cheap good all around iem but think of the GR06 as a better M2.  Might even look at the GR02.  

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my bad! i should have spotted that. cheers for the link :)

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