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actually amping the ad900x made a world of difference.....at least to me.   I'm a bit confused!  why settle for the Audio Tech's when you already owned two superb cans?  My next buy will hopefully be the he-500's.

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I've had the A900x for a couple of months now and use them mainly for listening to a wide range of music primarily at my PC (flac's of course) with a fairly high end sound card. The music is a range of classical (all sorts) to pop, techno, trance, et al.


Throughout the range they sound wonderful!


Now I'm rather old and decrepit and have destroyed my ears over some 40 years of listening through cans - far too loud - not to mention the rackets generated on building sites and my own workshop so I'm definitely not up to speed as a discerning listener. Certainly the terms used in the forum (soundstage,  sound signatures, imaging, etc.) have little meaning for me but to what's left of my ears they simply sound good!


As for comparisons, I have a set of Bose "TriPort" cans (hopeless in comparison), Bose in-ear plugs (can't be bothered to look them up...), Audio Technica ATH-EW9 over the ear phones (no bass) and a set of Shure SE210 in-ear phones (again minimal bass - but brilliant mids and highs). The EW9's and SE210's will now only be used for travel.


The ATH900x's have enough bass - but I wouldn't have minded a bit more but I didn't want to go to closed cans....


The long and the short of it all is these open headphones suit me fine... No complaints, not sorry about the cash outlay....

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