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Your immediate reaction to the May '13 Stereophile cover

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"Oh my god!"

" several expletives, pained groans suggesting incredulity".

followed by checking to see if it was Stereophile 4.1.2013.
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What was on it?

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Pass Labs new flagship preamp? Okay, so what? They are not the first to review it. Ok, it's Pass Labs, it looks like a whole stack of gear because it consists of three separate enclosures and is a cost-no-object-balls-to-the-wall thing. I can't afford it, so don't care tongue.gif


Edit: damn it, wrong cover.... frown.gif

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It is fashion headphones - maybe I got the date wrong.
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Well...At least they used pretty colors..


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Didn't Jude have high praise for the skullcandy aviator?  I think some HF-ers own this can and it does have some positive attributes.  I have ~$60 in target store credit on a gift card and I was all set to get these cans, until I saw they are in the $150-200 vicinity.  So I for one wouldn't automatically just lump them in with dre-beats "fashion-cans".

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"High fashion meets high fidelity"


Yeah, whatever... it takes courage to go from Pass Labs' new preamp to this. confused.gif

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Initial reaction after glancing at the cover was "YEAH!" biggrin.gif some headphone reviews. 


After recognizing what headphones were actually pictured on the cover, that reaction turned to "YIKES!"  eek.gif

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I imagine the point is that everyday folks are starting to buy high quality headphones. Beats might be overpriced, but I think the consensus is that they still sound miles better than your average over-ear headphones.

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I think it's too bad that many people don't have the reflex to check out ''audiophile'' headphones before they buy, i can't help but think that some, if not, most of them would end up making a different choice.

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...but what IS fashion? I don't consider it to be those.


Heck, even the Jecklin Floats are more fashionable IMO.

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Personally I think the beats and skullcandy look hideous and I would be ashamed to be seen anywhere near them.

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Magazine's gotta make money somehow. 
One easy way to do that is to reach an already established market audience. 


Seems legit to me.

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the Aviator are much better than any headphone I have compared them to... in an Apple store smily_headphones1.gif

But, seriously, while they are  "fun" headphones, I did not hear the classic U-shaped response of Beats and similar. I listened to a good 15-20' of a Mahler SFSO track (don't remember which symphony, but good stuff, very well recorded) playing off an iThing and kept thinking that I'd like to have these in my travel bag...

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