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Advice for a new DAP to replace Voodooed Galaxy S1

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Hi all! I've been reading around for a while on head-fi, and I found it to be a great source of information regarding audio! However now I'm looking for a nice DAP I'm a bit lost, perhaps you guys can give me advice.


Here's my situation: I have the Ecci pr401 which is paired to an Xperia Z smartphone, it is quite a step down from my previous mobile setup. The Ecci pr401 is a balanced armature IEM with a slight v sound signature, 32 ohms and I think relatively sensitive (specs http://www.head-fi.org/t/529726/review-ecci-pr401).


Question: I am looking into a decent affordable DAP (50 – 100 euro, I am willing to stretch or save up a bit if neccesary) and actually I'm quite lost. The Sansa Clip+ seems a cheap respectable solution; I wonder though if it will be similair or better then a voodooed S1. The goal is too atleast achieve the same SQ as what I had before I sold the Samsung Galaxy S1 and if possible upgrade a bit :). Features like hires colorscreens, albumart and such are not necessary.


My search so far: I have been reading on internet and this forum to find out what would be a worthy successor for my Galaxy S1 (which I already sold); a few candidates would be the Sansa Clip+ and I've also looked into a Colorfly C3 and Rocoo P. 


  1. The Sansa would give good sound, although I am not sure it would be a step up from voodooed S1. I think however that it would work nicely with the Ecci pr401.
  2. The Colorfly C3 (I think I read most posts in the two threads) seems to be a step up; although I have both read that it might not pair very good with BA iems, I've read that it needs an amp and that it should not be paired with amp (there is no line out). What I am unsure of if it would be a good match for the Ecci pr401 as nobody on the two threads seem to own the combination. Also the ui en features are so-so at best.
  3. The Rocoo P seems to have more power as it has a built in headphone-amp opposed to the C3; I am however using an IEM not a headphone. The DAP seems to hiss more then the two other options, especially with very sensitive IEMs (is the Ecci pr401 sensitive?). However I could not find this DAP on ebay and it would have been the pricier option.
  4. ??


Background: For the people who don't know, the Galaxy S1 has a Wolfson WM8994 DAC which is excellent for a smartphone. I used this phone for about 3 years, which replaced my old Muvo N200 DAP I had before. Earbuds wise I went from cheap $20 Sennheiser earbuds to the Creative EP630 which was eventually replaced with the Ecci pr401. Sound was nicer compared to the EP630 when paired to my S1 but not wow; untill I updated the Galaxy S1 with Voodoosound! Now I could hear even more detail then before with controlled, punchy and not muddy bass!


I listen to a variety of genres; rock, metal, dance and praise and about a year ago I have reripped all my albums to 256bit ogg vorbis (it was 192kbit mp3).


Any help is appreciated! Also I am willing to do some additional research if you guys point me to good reads :).

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I love my Clip+, particularly the microSD card port-I can keep all my tunes in FLAC if I want. If you RockBox it, you can get really close to a line-level signal by setting the volume to +0dB, which is really nice if you choose to use a portable amp.


I'd personally advise to go with a cheap DAP (such as the Sansa) and possibly an entry-level amp as you have relatively modest IEMs (compared to some of the stuff out there, no intent to insult your gear)-the really high end players are geared towards those with thousand-dollar-plus custom-made headphones.


Welcome to Head-Fi. Sorry about your wallet.

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Thanks for your reply, thats not a bad idea actually! I'll consider that option. What amp would you recommend? I know the fiio e11 is cheap, I'll look into cheap amps.

I am aware the pr401 are modest, I would have upgraded those as the casing came loose and are already superglued together. Those won't last me forever, also because I put modded Shure olives on those....

But yea, wallet lol... can't buy all, source first smily_headphones1.gif
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What about a rocoo BA, or get a Nova N3, which comes with three sets of IEMs.

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Originally Posted by heliuscc View Post

What about a rocoo BA, or get a Nova N3, which comes with three sets of IEMs.

I could get the N3 for about 200 euro; which is actually very cheap because of the IEMs :).

Tthere is a Rocoo BA on ebay which I might be able to buy for 100 euro, but that is probably only suited for IEMS and not for headphones.

Sansa Clip+ would be about 46 euro's and would still be able to drive headphones with an amp.


I think I will either go the Clip+ with cheap amp or N3. :) Could the N3 power some headphones or would it still need an amp?

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Crap, My pr401 died.. I need to solder and superglue to get them working again. The nova n3 seems best now, read through the whole Nova thread now and sq seems good.

[edit] Fiio X3 seems to be around the corner; as I need to save up cash anyhow I might just wait for that.
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