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Need a schematic for simple speaker amp

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In the past few months I successfully built O2 (on PCB), Starving Student (Point to point) and CMOY (strip board) headphone amplifiers.

Now I would like to try to make some simple stereo speaker amp. 


Can anyone recommend me some simple and cheap to make schematic for stereo speaker amp? 


All I expect from it is input, speaker output and volume control. I don't need any bass or treble controls or anything like this.

I would prefer it to be point to point friendly as I don't know how to make a PCB myself (and it probably would be more expensive).


I don't have any proper speakers to drive as I prefer headphones anyway. I just want to build it for fun.


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Try searching on "gain clone"

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Why do you need a volume control? 

Reconfigure one of your headphone amps to be a preamp. 

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I want to connect some speakers to my setup. E.g: ODAC -> DIY amp -> speakers.


As I said, I want to do it just for fun.


Edit: Acually I can use my O2 as a preamp so fixed gain will do. I guess that will bring the costs down.

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First thing that comes to mind when you say simple mainly because simple is in the name - http://diyparadise.com/simpleel84.html

Here is mine in a box that used to be http://headwize.com/?page_id=138.  Used CCS load on a ECC40 dual triode driver tube but a resistor load and dozens of other driver tubes are possible.  Output tubes are max $3 NOS triode wired 29GK6 (same tube as EL84/6BQ5 but different pinouts and heater voltage) - 4 wired in series are heated by 120VAC line in from the wall ;-)   PS is 6 series stacked 48V SMPS's ($4ea ebay).  My output transformers are pulled from an old Fisher amp but go to Edcor if going new (GXPP10-8-8K is $26ea).

You need efficient speakers for this (4W amp, ~8W if use the UL taps on the Edcors but not so sure if it would sound as good, ~16watt if you wired outputs in pentode but I know this does not sound so good) but it's cheap and easy to build.

Enjoy your DIY travels.


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