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The importance of the power cable:


Many times we overlook the the power cables quality, and after this experience with the "Reflection" power cable from CablePro, I have discovered the benefits that it can provide to the sound.






Before anything else, I must say that this is my first power cable with such quality, perhaps I focused on other parts of my rig until now. I’ve always been using generic power cables supplied by the manufacturers and a Belkin power cable with slightly better performance than the stock cords.


So I decided to contact Ted Paisley,  CablePro owner who very kindly made this cable suitable to my needs, both in length and connectors. Customer service was perfect all the time, answering all my doubts and questions, thanks Ted;)

With almost 50 years of experience in the Audio World, Ted Paisley makes makes many of the cables that he sells on his website, and he also has three part-time contrustors.  Checking every cable to ensure top quality.




-Reflection Power Cord build quality:





High quality Oyaide connectors OFC copper 99.99% pure with 24k gold plated poles, guaranteeing a perfect signal reception. With a semi-translucent deep red color connectors pairing with the red sleeving too, this cable is very attractive looking, I'm really satisfied with the cosmetic result.


As well indicated by Ted in the Reflection description, a good power coble must be able to block outside noise and interference, and also the cable by itself has to be free of undesired noise emission that could have negative effects on the nearest cable such the interconnection cables.

This has a direct impact on the signal quality, a lower quality power cord would get a worse sound, noise in the signal and less "pure".

Reflection Network cable uses three 12-gauge conductors oxygen-free copper and PVC dielectric.





Performance Cable:





After giving the cable almost 100 hours of breaking recommended, testing began connecting to my Burson HA-160 headphone amplifier pairing with my Sennheiser HD600 and the Hifiman HE400. Differences from the first moment (switching the Cable Reflection power cord with a Belkin power cable, and the generic that comes with the Burson amp) the sound is very clear, much more than I expected.

What did I notice? About the background, this turns completely black, I notice with the Reflection an absolutely silent background, blackness.

Sound becomes more clean and precise, and it seems to flow more easily, there is a significantly improving on the overall tonal balance, which means more natural voices and a better bass control.

Reflection power cable gets calm and soften the Burson HA-160 treble, changing the sometimes something "metallic" treble for a more sweet in part to the use of high purity copper, both cable and connectors.

The sound is now a bit warmer and very pleasant throughout the frequency range, causing a listener "easier" and relaxing a listener.




I also appreciate the better dynamics, drum beats are more credible and wind instruments are reproduced with more accuracy, I really favored  the warm touch that this cable gives to my rig.

It was an improvement that has exceeded my expectations, and that makes me aware of the importance of the power cable quality, as it carries the "fuel" that makes it all work properly.




I highly recommend the Reflection power cable, it is inexpensive, offers very high performance for the price, it delivers great built quality and also a great looking cable for my tastes.