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Where to buy PSU?

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My Cantate's PSU was fried recently. Anyone know where to buy Thai Lin PSUs, specifically the TL99-0100-030, or as advised by Dr. Meier, the equivalent Talema? Went through the more popular sites like Mouser and they didn't have these; no luck on the sites I rant into through Google search (whcih brings up mostly data sheets), ditto eBay.


Also emailed Thai Lin but no response yet, although I doubt they do retail sales.

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Assuming you are referring to the transformer....

Try 70053K (15VA) or 70063K (25VA) at Digi-key, Allied or RS.

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Thanks! Would you say with enough certainty (no need to be absolute) based on the Thai Lin model number that they'd be around the same size? Haven't had time to pick up and measure the old transformer.

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