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For Sale: Woo WA3

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For Sale:
Woo WA3

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hey guys, so since I decided to travel the world not too long ago I have been tasked with the painful duty of selling off all of my audio equipment (not that I have very much of it...). Anyway, one of the items on my list to sell is a Woo Audio 3 with a pair of 6DJ8 Bugle Boy tubes and a Tung-Sol 7236. I bought this a few months ago from Jack Woo himself around the time that NY was being hammered by natural disasters. Luckily, both Jack Woo my amp made it out in time so I now have the pleasure of passing it on to another keen listener.


I have taken very good care of this amp, and am quite frankly sad to be letting it go. It is in spectacular condition, with no marks or scratches or dents. As you all know, this amp is built like a tank and is quite a bit bigger than it looks (quite a bit heavier too). After about a 100 hour burn-in period, my god was I floored by the sound this beast produced. A nice, airy 3-D soundstage, with warm, liquid mids and a bass that extends into the nether-regions.


I am asking $400 for this amp + shipping, but if that is way too high then we can work out a better price. I would like to warn you though that I did pay over $600 for both the amp and the tubes new, not including shipping.


[Edit] This amp unfortunately does not come with the pre-amp option.


If you guys are interested, send me an email at and I can provide more photos and information.




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Not having the preamp out makes it more powerful.
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Is this usable for 230v outlets?
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And sold!
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Originally Posted by Rossliew View Post

Is this usable for 230v outlets?

Yes,runs on 220 or 110.
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