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about 10 years ago, i purchased my first quality set of headphones... the sr80s and i really love their "punchy character"  I used them so much that the foam ear pieces started coming off in chunks about two years ago.  i didnt know about the cheap 414 foam pieces at the time and was to cheap to spend $30 just to replace the foam.  The started collecting dust, then i got a bluetooth enabled motorcycle helmet, that sounded terrible when streaming aerosmith.  *lightbulb*  I could jam the drivers from my grados into the helmet and actually enjoy music.  What i failed to remember was the bluetooth module doesnt have the power to drive the grados 


About a week ago , i got the headphone bug again I was able to dig up the left side driver, but the headband, cabling, etc is all gone.  I figure i can mod this driver a bit and see what happens.  Not much to lose :-)


I ordered 414 pad, 5ft Mogami cable, canare f12 connector.  Going to do the quarter mod and punch ten holes in the back.  For a headband im using a plantronics CS50 which is a single sided handband designed for wireless headset.  It fits into the grado driver perfectly too.  It should look mighty goofy, but gives me some practice for future endeavors 



I cant seem to attach pictures yet.  maybe when im done with project i will be able to.  

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