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New Setup - Need Cable Advice

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Hey guys,

I am plunging into the audiophile world and looking to get a HE-400 with a Schiit Magni+Modi stack. Here's where you guys come in: what cables do I need to get?

I will be using this setup with an iPod and a PC hookup. I have an optical port available on my motherboard (not using a sound card - ASRock Extreme7 Gen3). I know I'll need an adapter / plug for the iPod connection, but what should I get to connect the M+M?

I have an optical cable that attaches my ASTRO A40s currently. I can swap between devices depending on gaming vs music / audio work.

Thanks in advance. Trying to get everything done right the first time.
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you'll need a pair of (short) analog interconnects and a usb cable. that's it, I think.

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