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Tried the H6 at the Apple store and wow, they are really good but have a really hefty price tag. Neutral, amazing vocals, natural sound. I did not expect that. I didn't like the Bower and Wilkins full size they had. Anyone know how the Focal Spirit Pros compare?
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I'm not sure if that's accurate. They use lots of different brands, including JBL, Harbeth, for example. Also, I know that B&W makes some incredible products. their top of the line speakers are outstanding. However, I'm just pointing out that some stodgy audiophiles complain that they are delving farther into the low end and mass consumer markets and over-charging based on their name. It's not my personal opinion, by the way.  


I second this. When I was auditioning my P5's, the store had two of their 802D speakers powered by a McIntosh pre and power amp there. When I heard those played at a moderate volume, I, to my ears, heard audio perfection. Too much money for me, though. LOL


I would actually love a pair of their lower-priced 685's for a 2-channel desktop hi-fi rig for my study though. :wink_face: 

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Hey guys, I have a pair of B&O H6 on sell if somebody is interested :)

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I have a pair of H6s that will soon be paired with a Oppo HA-1 (in the mail). Eventually ill get a pair of PM-1s for the Oppo, but for now the H6s will be used with with it.


Couple of things to post about B&O in general (and specific to H6s) is that a lot of the value in the product is the design and build quality. Why shouldn't it be? Im always amazed at how little value people put into the design of a product. Saying "X" sounds better at $300 there for "X" is better and the H6 is over priced doesn't make sense to me when "X" looks like Schiit. I've built a premium home theatre, but because its in my home it needs to look as good as it performs, and anything less in a compromise IMO. For me going into audio/video with only considering the way something performs is very narrow and one dimensional, when this hobby is anything but. Ultimately the product is about pleasing the senses, and for me build and design is very much a part of that. 


The same thought is brought into purchasing a portable device which in this case was the original intent of my H6s. My shoes have to look as good as they feel or else I'm comprising, and when it comes to headphones looks are VERY few and far between especially in the 500 and less category. I for one think the H6 is bang on for price. Aluminum, lambskin and more then an ounce of thought into how they look? What else compares to that in its price range?


Anyway, that said ill share how they pair up with the HA-1 once its all up and running. 

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