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Not sure if Blur was serious or joking but either way i love my hd800 andthe k712 was really good but not even half as good as my hd800 to me

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Originally Posted by MadMoxxi View Post


im so confused by this, nobody here has said the k712 can be compared to an hd800 in fact multiple users have stated completely opposite and that the hd800 is on another level.  did i miss a post or something where someone said the 712 is as good anywhere as the hd800?  super confused right now

I received a few requests to make this comparison.  The FR curves are similar.


If the test was never done it would be hard to definitively say which headphones users prefer.  I know there are many people who cannot afford the HD800 and it would be pertinent to show how close the AKG K712 Pro sounds to the HD800.


There are a few headphones that the price point does not match the performance such as the Ultrasone Edition 10.

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Originally Posted by emertxe View Post

HD800 are on a different level... There is no way K712 Pro could touch HD800. K712 Pro are only more compact and durable, that's the only area they take the lead. Also, someone could prefer K712 Pro drums because of their more apparent bass and 9-10khz peak but I do find HD800's drums more neutral.


EDIT: K712 Pro are also more forgiving because they are just not on the level of HD800 technically...


To put it simply:


K712 Pro = versatile mid-fi headphones

HD800 = very special high-end headphones

Well said.

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Originally Posted by NA Blur View Post

Well said.


so you were joking? you switched sides almost immediately when more than one person disagreed.

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I think people mix up "can be compared" with "comparable"


Anything can be compared, but "comparable" implies the two are similar.


This language can be stupid at times. Context clues very necessary. XD

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As I have said before, in my opinion in back to back listening tests with both the HD800 and the K712, the 712 more than holds its own. Last night I listened to Christan McBrides latest acoustic jazz cd, Out a There. It's a great jazz tro recording of just bass, piano and drums, superbly recorded with little compression that I can hear. The dynamics are lively and lifelike, with deep articulated bass, sparkling and dynamic piano playing, and the drums crack and pound and the cymbals absolutely shimmer. I listened to each track first on the HD,and then on the 712. In every case, I preferred the AKG.
The HD800 had the trademark delicate treble which absolutely sparkled, and the piano was reproduced beautifully, but that's as good as it got. The K712 also had shimmering treble, though not quite in the same league as the 800. The piano was well represented, with soaring sounds arcing over the top of my head. The bass and drums were both hands down better on the AKG.
ON BALANCE, to my ears, the HD800 was quite good, but lacked the punch and more lifelike sound of the AKG. IT was simply the more exciting headphone on this cd.
Had I not had the 3 to compare directly, and only heard the HD800, I would say it was a superb sounding headphone, but with direct back to back comparisons, the 712 was the more involving headphone.
As an audiophile since the early 70's, one thing I can say is it's always a mistake to assume that because something costs 3x more it's automatically better, far from it.
I'm not saying that the K712 is the better set of cans, but it's much closer than some would have you believe, for one third the price.
If I had to give one of these phones up, based on hundreds of hours of listening to both, the HD800 would be the one to go.
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Originally Posted by MadMoxxi View Post

im so confused by this, nobody here has said the k712 can be compared to an hd800 in fact multiple users have stated completely opposite and that the hd800 is on another level.  did i miss a post or something where someone said the 712 is as good anywhere as the hd800?  super confused right now
I'd wager he wasn't saying they trade blows for technical superiority, but rather saying something in the spirit of "it's pretty amazing that, over the course of several pages of posts, the headphone people want to compare the K712 against is the HD800. It says a lot about both headphones and the mindset of people interested in them." The HD800 is, of course, "the" reference headphone for summit-fi, but we've spent a lot more time stacking the K712 up against the HD800 than, say, DT880s or, you know, Bose.

I'd like to know how close the K712 gets to the reference standard, but then again I already bought a pair and feel extremely pleased in them, so I don't need a comparison for the sake of buying research or whatever.
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K712 vs. HD800 FR


K712 vs. HD700

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Originally Posted by Evshrug View Post

 The HD800 is, of course, "the" reference headphone for summit-fi,


Is it? 

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Originally Posted by elwappo99 View Post

Is it? 
FWIR, it sure gets more attention these days than an SR-009 or Orpheus. Best of the best is always open for debate, but the HD800 is so often used as a reference to at least represent summit-fi tier, and it seems like a headphone I'd really like but not in good consciences own.

I just dug out my K712's, I purposefully stashed them away as much as I could stand while reviewing the MA900... Hooked up pretty modestly to my E12 and iPhone 5s, some magic is happening! Last night I rolled in a "rocketship logo" Voskhod to my tube amp, I still need to tweak the bias (left channel is a little less "lively") but I'm very excited about my sonic fun times!
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Originally Posted by pdrm360 View Post

K712 vs. HD800 FR


I thought I would post a complete review but it does not make much sense IMHO... Basically, just check this graph above and you already know what to expect:


1) K712 Pro being significantly more bassy with slight midbass emphasis while HD800 presents bass significantly more precisely, better imaged into the space in front of you and with zero impact on other instruments (K712 Pro bass size is too much, it leaks and veils other instruments and voices). K712 Pro bass is very similar in nature to the HD800 but significantly more present (I would say artificially present but it will be just right for the majority of folks here).


2) Good mids on both but while completely neutral on HD800, quite shouty and a bit sibilant on K712 Pro, Yes, the 2khz emphasis is still present and still hearable. However, in comparison to previous x7xx headphones, the bass quite successfully masks this. Bass also gives vocals enough depth, finally (hello Q701).


3) Highs are more consistent on HD800 (more linear) but I would not recommend both headphones for very loud listening... There are better headphones for that. There is a definite 7-10khz (roughly) peak on K712 Pro making drums quite present along with their midbass emphasis. I dont see it as a bad thing - in comparison to DT880, these AKGs still sound balanced enough while Beyers are significantly unnatural (cymbals) due to this more apparent trademark peak.




HD800 have more expansive and developed soundstage, are a bit faster, better imaging and separation... Much better detail and microdetail. Also being more transparent and SIGNIFICANTLY clearer and cleaner while K712 Pro are a bit veiled due to their bass. K712 Pro also sounding rough or dull/plasticky-sounding in terms of overall sound quality (mid-fi vs high-end, you know). In comparison to HD650, they are definitely not as veiled and what's important - k712 pro are lightning fast in comparison to HD650.


HD800 significantly more comfortable - perfect pads, perfect headband, no clamping force... K712 Pro having still not completely comfortable headband, significantly higher clamping force (that memory foam is very stiff and makes the pads clamp even more) and what's the most important thing - my ears are constantly touching pads or drivers with K712 Pro! While I do not feel HD800's alcantara at all, I am always aware of K712 Pro pads' material.




Any advantages of K712 Pro? Well, they are much more compact and durable, have lighter cable connected only into one cup (more comfortable) and offer more forgiving nature as they are not as good technically as HD800. They are also a bit more versatile for the majority of people soundwise due to the significant amount of bass. Some people will prefer K712 Pro way to render drums.


The best mid-fi headphones? Very likely IMHO, they are very versatile and present very few flaws in comparison to typical mid-fi headphones... Also look into Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm if you don't mind artificial treble and rather bad soundstaging. You could also like HE-400 but dont expect neutral frequency response.

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Thanks emertxe, and everyone for these reviews and thoughts regarding the two headphones.

Personally I'm really grateful for the comparisons, even if essentially there is no basic comparison in some people's minds. The plain basic fact is you have one headphone that costs nearly three times as much compared to another that costs three times less. For a lot of us, the HD 800 simply will never be an option, period. So it's great to kinda know where things stand. And the fact that the K712 can even be thought to compare is a pretty nice feeling. :-) at least for those of us who will only be able to afford that as our headphones of choice.
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Thanks, very helpful emertxe.
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I am willing to answer anyone's questions more in-depth... Feel free to ask. I've heard some mid-fi headphones as well (like DT880, Q701, HD600, HD650 etc.).

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Emertxe, how would you rank all those mid-fi headphones (K712, HE-400, DT880, Q701, HD600, HD650) that you heard based on sound quality?

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