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HD600 do have nearly zero subbass... I have heard them and they sound exactly like they measure: http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/SennheiserHD600.pdf


HD650 are a different story... They were significantly more veiled, darker and slower than I expected them to sound.





Basically, you want something at least as good/balanced as HD800 or K712 Pro subbass-wise to be fully satisfied with every sort of music:



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IME the HD600's sub-bass is better than its graphs show compared to the K712, once volume matched. You end up using a higher relative volume on the HD600 because of its smoother signature which makes their bass response closer. And like I said I noticed an improvement in the HD600's bass when I first got my G109 so amping could play a factor.


I just listened to my goto sub-bass test track on both, Limit To Your Love by James Blake, and they sound remarkably similar. The HD600 contains every bit of information the K712 does although it puts it slightly further back in the mix than the K712 does. I expected the K712 to have a bigger difference in sub-bass quantity than it does.

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Don't get me wrong, overall the K712 has a bit more bass than the HD600 but not a ton more. And it is very good bass. But I'll reserve more judgments until I have had a lot more time with them. I'm enjoying it very much so far. :)

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But to emertxe's point, the K712 does have slightly better low bass extension compared the HD600 and that's worth noting. Its still not perfect though. My DT1350's spoiled me, they show you what neutral sub-bass extension sounds like. ;)

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So the HD600 with more soundstage and separation => Shure SRH1840?

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thanks for the tips.  I'll stick with the Q simply because of my budget.  But, I'm all ears when it comes time for you to do a direct head to head (ear to ear? cup to cup?) comparison with the K712.  Please be sure to post your thoughts.


Like most everyone here, I love the K702 because of it's massive soundstage, clear and distinct instrument separation, beautiful highs and deep, precise bass, and just overall spaciousness and tonal balance.  It also has greatly improved vocal presentation over the K701, and better bass.  I dislike the uncomfortable headband to be sure, and often wish its base had more oomph, like say, the HD650 and DT880/600.


I've read and am hopeful that the Q solves the bass problem a bit, and I can use some mod or another to solve the headband problem.

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I havent heard K712 Pro, just judging by the graphs... But I have heard HD600, DT880 and HD800 (among others) and I can tell that while HD800 and Dt880 do have sufficient subbass to please everyone, HD600 definitely do not. Of course, some orthos are even better but as I said - HD800 and DT880 are sufficient to be called versatile here so I believe the same with K712 pro. Beware, I am only comparing subbass on those, not the overall reproduction...


EDIT: Q701 are as well not sufficient to my ears... They lack enough subbass as well.

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So the HD600 with more soundstage and separation => Shure SRH1840?


Not at all... Those two are different sounding.


HD600 are slower, with rather closed-in soundstage and a tiny little bit boomy bass (midbass emphasis) with serious lack of subbass. On the other hand, I have enjoyed their mellow/little-veiled sound signature with good mids and enough-linear highs quite a lot :-)


SRH1840 are significantly lighter/airy in their sound signature, much more open-sounding. They are quite neutral (but not more than HD600) but have some strange coloration in female vocals and seriously lack subbass to be called truly neutral. Their highs sound a little bit plastic...


I would say that those two are just different - slower vs faster, closed vs open sounding, mellow-darker vs neutral-to-bright

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So they sound both like crap :eek:

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Originally Posted by Quinto View Post

So they sound both like crap :eek:


No... HD600 do sound quite natural but rather slower/technically insufficient. 1840 are technically good but they do not sound very natural IMHO.


I wouldnt go with either. Both just have too many flaws to be versatile enough. Thats why I believe K712 Pro could be the headphone I am looking for (to recommend to my friend). But I am seriously worried about that 2khz emphasis as it is a real problem with Q701.

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Evs, I read about Fostex making the apple iem's a while back, don't remember where. I did a quick search and couldn't find it, but here's a page that mentions fostex and apple:
Assuming fostex did design apple iem's there would probably be nda's protecting the info since apple would want the assumption to be that they designed them.
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Guys, does anyone know when that RazorDog $384 promotion for the K712s ends?

Really tempted to get it at that price.

But dont know if K712s will drop in price soon (with the new K812s or w/e coming).


Also cant find info on this promotion anywhere.

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Ask Brian.



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Originally Posted by devhen View Post

Ask Brian.




Yea found their contact info after I posted haha.

Shot him an email. I'm guessing if you know his first name, then hes probably a fairly friendly and responsive guy?

Always nice to see companies with owners like that.

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Yep he is. I've bought my HD600, DT1350, and K712 from him. Awesome customer service, fast & free shipping, he's an authorized dealer of everything he sells, etc. Highly recommended.

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