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Stick a fork in me, I'm done. Dr. says "No more Headphones".... : ( - Page 11

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Originally Posted by FlyingFungus View Post

Haha yes back to the actual topic.

I don't listen to as much music through headphones as I used to. Most of my job involves driving around so if I'm listening to music, its through speakers.

But I too am looking to eventually invest in a set of good desktop speakers for low volume listening (I live in a condo) but also sound great loud.

Indeed, I worked in resturants so I got into speakers kinda. I only got as far as listening to my car speakers well enough to know that they sucked xD, they sounded like a cheap Mad Dog, very laid back overlly forward mids. Semi sufficent bass, tight to an extent with a little fatness. 


Non the less I might look into that Horhn Kit 

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He could get a pair of near field monitors and play those at his desk to take time off the cans. Low volume.
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Good news, I finally got a doctors appointment for this.

Doc said I have fungus growth and pointed to a place to get some tests done.

Hopefully I'll be cured of not only infections but tinnitus

Feels good to hear this (no pun intended)
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Holy crap... look at the list of possible causes; everything from earwax to multiple sclerosis. Hopefully not all of them lead to permanent tinnitus.
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i think i might have some sort of minor tinnitus. it all started when i shot a shot gun and a revolver at my best friends farm with almost no ear protection besides 2 small flimsy ear plugs. after i shot the revolver i heard a very load ringing sensation in both of my ears. i was was DEAF for a solid 30 seconds in my left  ear and was almost deaf in my right (i could barely hear my friends talk to me out of my right). thankfully after a few seconds i could hear perfectly again but the ringing stayed for a hour then went away. thankfully i don't think it did much damage to my ears (thank god!). i went to the doctors and they said i still had average to slightly above average hearing. but ever since then, once in a blue moon i hear a faint ringing in my left ear. that and it seems that bass is slightly leaner in my left ear then my right.

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You are lucky that the ringing decreased over the days Zombie, because on some people the problem persists like the 1st day. Your ears recovered from that (almost)


Next time, use the proper equipment. 

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I think the overall message is to be more conscious of our volume level.  I've been playing around with volume control and I realized that I need to be noticing the volume with not only what type of headphone I use, but the quality of songs effect the loudness too.  I find some recording is louder then others. 


It's so odd because every since I got the HE400, now when I go back to other headphones I realized I've been listening too loud on my other headphones.  Like for example the esw9 (I don't listen with an amp with these),  I use to listen to around 25-28% on my laptop and now I listen to around 14-16%.  The D2000 on the MM stack I listen to around 7 O'clock to 8.

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Just got back from my 2nd doctors visit.

The medicine I'm taking now Is nothing compared to the old eardrops

I have to take pills every 2/4 hours, I cant catch a break it's only been 10 hours I feel like the pills are brainwashing me.

I hope this treatment is a good one, Doc said there's no plan B, but then again, it's only an Infection, it's curable
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