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Stick a fork in me, I'm done. Dr. says "No more Headphones".... : ( - Page 2

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Sorry to hear that but you MUST STAY STRONG! Go ahead and fight for it! Doctor could be wrong! Maybe someday the disease will go away and you can come back to continue your undone journey!

Might not be very useful, but here to support you!
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OP, truth is you could still listen to headphones, just make sure they are at volumes comparable to how low you'd listen to your speakers nowadays. Your doctor's recommendation is really just to make sure you don't listen to loud music (which is easily achieved via headphones, not as easily via speakers since it would probably disturb your neighbours depending on how loud / what kind of music it is) so that the tinnitus won't worsen.


Usually if the tinnitus is not too severe, just laying off noise/music altogether for a while (few months) may alleviate it at least somewhat.

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man that sucks, thanks for sharing your experience and hope you feel better and it all goes away one day... 

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Originally Posted by Luv My BASS 1 View Post

Just to get myself a clue here, how loud did you listen regularly? I listen at about 5-6/16 clicks on my iPhone 5 using the M100s, and I really don't want to damage my hearing.

Btw, I totally understand where you're coming from. When I had a sinus infection a few weeks ago, I had a ringing in my ears that wouldn't let up, and it sucked.

Btw, Swedish scientists found a drug that stops the ringing for about 20 minutes, and in a perfect world (which we sadly do not live in) it would only take a super large douse to make it go away for an extended period of time.


It would be good to know how loud and how long is "loud" for OP since my view on this topic was the same ('in worst case scenario worsened hearing'). Until now. eek.gif


Beyerb, stay strong.

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Sorry to hear about your loss. I am always subconsciously worried about my hearing and tend to listen on the lower side of things. Whats more disturbing is the volumes I consider approaching loud people generally find it to be baby volumes.... Ear damage is so much more rampant than it is made out to be and that is quite sad (in this case ignorance isn't bliss).

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When I had this pain in my left ear...last year,
I couldn't listen to my headphones at "normal" volume.
Didn't want a doc to pronounce my doom too...
I took my eye drop n dripped it into my ear each day.
After about a month or two, the pain left.
these days I am more cautious with my volume setting..
And taking breaks after an hournor two.
Sometimes I think the culprit is the earbuds from iems...
It should be a hotbed for bacteria.rolleyes.gif
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Good luck on whatever new journey you may embark on!

Hopefully it will not get unbeareable and you can still enjoy music listening.

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i do have tinitus aswell. that IS one of the reasons why i am in that headphone game. whenever i listen to music with headphones, i cannot hear the ringring anymore. it is like a cure for me. as far as i read about tinitus it is often recommended to listen to music at low volumes through headphones. when going to sleep in order to kill the tinitus noise. so i do not quite understand, why you should stop listening through headphones.


just for info, i got tinnitus 2 years ago on a roadtrip when i listened to se215 in a car, trying to cover the car noise by my music. **** happens.

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hmmm....i remembered listening to ambient music during my tinitus spat...dreamy low vol level.

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I've had tinnitus as long as I can remember (I think from having tons of ear infections as a little kid) -- mine sounds like a quiet high-pitched ringing in my ears.  I've had it so long that I really don't notice it unless I focus on it or I'm in a dead-quiet room -- then it drives me nuts.  Strangely enough, I think I still have relatively acute hearing -- I can still hear tones at 18kHz+ (I'm 40 years old) and I've never been diagnosed with any hearing loss.


Anyway, I'm not sure why your doctor told you that you can never listen to headphones again.  As long as you're sensible with the volume and take frequent breaks your tinnitus shouldn't worsen.  I know mine hasn't gotten any worse and I've listened to headphones more often recently than I have in a long time.  Also, whenever I go to a concert nowadays I make sure to wear earplugs -- concerts have become so loud that IMHO it's hard to hear anything without earplugs!


Hang in there and get a second opinion about headphones.  Headphones in and of themselves aren't to blame -- it's the volume and duration of sound that causes damage.  I bet after you do some more research you can go back to enjoying your headphones -- just at a lower volume!

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Your doctor is wrong.

I've had tinnitus, like many of the other posters here, since I can remember. Mine must be mild or something because it's usually a softer ring. Where it gets really bad is if I've been drinking heavily the night before, though that's probably due in part to having a hangover rolleyes.gif

So long as you listen to music at a reasonable volume, and take frequent breaks, headphones shouldn't effect your tinnitus at all.
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Yea come on, just keep the volume low! There is no risk if you do so.
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So are you guys saying that he SHOULD buy the TH900s and Signature DJs again?!?



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Originally Posted by gelocks View Post

So are you guys saying that he SHOULD buy the TH900s and Signature DJs again?!?



By all means!  Just don't crank the volume.  Any loud noises can cause hearing loss depending on their volume and duration, not just noises coming from headphones.  There's no need for him to get out of the headphone hobby.

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That's a shame, man. I've had tinnitus for years myself, I've learned to ignore it most the time. It's hardest in the night when I'm trying to sleep but even then it's not too bad.


It only gets better, you'll get used to it.

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