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Buying New Headphones for $250 - Help!

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My current headphones for the past 4 years have been the Bose On Ear 1 headphones (Dad is a Bose fan, gave them to me for a present) and they are decent. Bass is good, sound stage is narrow and mids don't do guitar justice. But these headphones tend to do well in dubstep and much more over produced pieces of music. I want an upgrade though. 


My music is mainly dubstep and lots of metal. I do carry a bit of everything but my favorite music is fast paced hardcore music. I do enjoy good bass but I want much better mids and highs then what I am currently getting. The biggest I find from my Bose is that it just can't hold its own with older metal albums. Also I would like the headphone to be good for some movie watching and gaming. 


The headphones have to be closed because I want sound isolation and very little leakage. I know this will hurt sound stage. I'd also prefer more portable on ear cans but if there is a better sounding over the ear then I won't cancel that out. And it must be able to be powered by a mobile phone or worst case a portable headphone amp.


I've done research and right now the front runner is the Sennheiser Amperior which I have found for $230 on Amazon (which I must use as I have a $75 gift card). Headphones are extremely subjective  and I have no way of trying any of the models first before buying. They seem to have everything I want except the huge sound stage which I guess will hurt gaming and movie watching.


What suggestions do you guys have? And how much of a step up would they be over my current cans?

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Sennheiser HD-25-1-ii, V-Moda M80, and the Audio Technica ATH-M50 are excellent choices.  The M80 being the most portable but a tad uneven sounding with some bass emphasis.  Both the HD-25-1-ii and M80 are on ear while the ATH-M50 is over the ear and known to last a really long time.

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Currently I'm at the point where I am getting the Sennheiser Amperior. The question is, is there a better closed headphone for $250? And what improvement will I see over my Bose OE headphones?

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Any last suggestions? I'm about to pull the trigger on the Amperior's. 

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HIGH-FIVE! My dad is a big fan of Bose too! haha..anywhere, for $250, I like UE6000 but I am sure Amperiors are better for u :)


Billson :D

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