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Thanks both. But Operaphile, I live in a place where there is no option of checking a product before buying! Yeah, it sounds crazy, but that's how it is over here.
@Seekky: That's a great suggestion I guess, it's a fine vfm product. But I had little higher budget, however that doesn't necessarily mean superior quality all time. Let's see.
Thanks for the advices guys, really appreciate it.

'Swyped' from my GT-N7100
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Honestly 70~80 is not a great price line. $100 will be better.

But, MH1C can outperform most of the IEMs under $100, if not the best.

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Thanks dude. Yeah I know it's not a great price, but what I am using now, and what I wanna buy, well I know there will be massive difference, even with my tiny budget.

I think this is a good deal for the product,

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ClieOS is has put together a magnificent thread on IEM. His thread is here:


My journey into IEM started with ClieOS thread and also ljokerl's thread, I learned a lot from reading through it. Like you I have a Samsung Note 2 with the stock IEM and wanted something better.


The important thing is to determine the sound signature of the IEM you prefer. ClieOS has done a great job of categorizing the various sound signatures into the following; (a) analytical, (b) balanced, (c) bass, (d) mid and (e) warm + sweet.


From your OP, you mentioned that you like a lot of bass so category (c) seems best for you and the IEM listed there would be a good starting point of your research.


You can also post a question on ClieOS thread, asking for recommendations and suggestions. I've discovered that ClieOS is pretty prompt in responding.



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