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So, I got recently my hands on this new headphone stand available on eBay. I found it very interesting, so thought it might be useful for others to have a mini review of it here.


On picture the stand looks very cool, with a very unusual and distinct design, nothing similar to any existing offers currently on the market. The only thing I was concerned a bit was that its rather narrow depth would somehow deform big cups of cans like Sennheiser HD6xx. Turned out, it doesn't deform them more than your ears do when the cans are on your head. This is because the stand's overall width is rather small hence little tension on can's headband, and secondly because the cups actually "swallow" a bit the sides of the stand (no worries, it doesn't touch or even reach the phones' drivers from inside). So even after a day of sitting on this stand, my Senns velour pads' shape was virtually intact, very impressive.


Overall I find the build quality superb, very professional finish, not like any of those DIY available around. And for the price it's definitely worth having one (or even two, of different color) at your house, very stylish little thing!



DSC 1037DSC 0002DSC 0003DSC 1033

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